Gualtieri: «New public-private pact to revive Italy, also with European resources»

The Italian government prepares its revival plan for Italy which will be presented in September and will be the basis not only of the next Budget law, but of a multi-year vision for the growth of the country. This was said by the Minister of Econimia, Roberto Gualtieri, interviewed by the director of the Corriere, Luciano Fontana, in Ey’s digital talk, which was opened on Thursday afternoon in live streaming on the website of our newspaper from a speech by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and continued with the participation of numerous exponents of the economic, political and academic world.

The construction of the plan, assured the minister, provides for the involvement of all social, economic, intellectual forces and the contribution of majority and opposition. On the part of the latter, Gualtieri observed, there are different attitudes. We must have willingness to listen, appreciate those who make steps forward as happened with the liquidity decree: intelligent proposals have been accepted. a method that must be pursued and we want to do it also with the amendments to the relaunch decree – he said – we will look at the proposals regardless of who advances them. Now the construction phase, not the fight. We must respect the common sentiment of citizens’ concern, we must be serious and responsible and work for the good of the country.

As for the severe criticisms of the government that came from the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, the minister recalled that he had defined some of those words as ungenerous that perhaps did not take into account fully the actions put in place by the government for business and work. . And yet the minister urged to look ahead, closing the incident as an episode. So far, Gualtieri acknowledged, it was a phase of defense, a line of seal: 4.5% of GDP, a defense. Now we have to go on the attack. We can do it with important resources, the controversies do not interest me. We do it together, the government, the majority and opposition forces if they want to collaborate and the productive forces. With the latter, you are invited to build a very ambitious plan and identify its strategic chapters. The address the government has already indicated and Gualtieri confirms its main articulations: Public and private investments and simplification of the administrative machinery on the directives of innovation, environmental sustainability, social and territorial cohesion.

The central theme is the quality and the strategic breadth of state action and the need to build a great pact between public and private, overcoming the dichotomy between state and market, said Gualtieri referring to one of the most popular issues in the digital seminar wave from the studios of the Rome office of EY. Public investments, also thanks to EU resources, must be brought back to an adequate level, today we are below 3%, around 2.3%, we must bring them back above 3%. The same dynamic must affect private investment which has fallen to 16% in the crisis and is still below 20% today: we must help them with various incentive measures and, the minister insisted, with a large ambitious plan supported by dialogue in the country