Golden Globe, Favino and Bruni Tedeschi best actors. Lifetime Achievement Award to Sandra Milo – Il Tempo

Best actors Pierfrancesco Favino and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. Lifetime Achievement Award Sandra Milo. They were published on the Golden Globe the videos of the awards ceremony of the highly anticipated 60th edition of one of the oldest and most prestigious awards of Italian cinema, awarded by a jury of more than fifty correspondents of the Foreign Press Association in Italy. As in a film, to stay on the subject, the prize committee, chaired by Alina Trabattoni by Eurovision e Claudio Lavanga by NBC NEWS, told and presented the winners through a trip to the heart of the city of Rome. The prizes, in fact, were delivered to the winners in some of the capital’s cinemas, still closed due to Coronavirus, an initiative of the Foreign Press to support cinema and cinema in this difficult moment. The awards were filmed and edited by Silvio Puccio: a suggestive roundup of intimate and exciting clips, in which the stars of Italian cinema go beyond the canonical thanks, and fill the empty cinemas with their words and hopes.

A true triumph of the fairytale and narrative tradition that opens with the brace of the brothers Damiano and Fabio D’Innocenzo, that with their Favolacce received awards at Best Screenplay and Best Director. Among the armchairs of the building Quattro Fontane, in the street of the same name in the center of Rome, the directors reiterated how important it is to meet in a cinema at this time: “The Quattro Fontane is a cinema that we love very much – they say – it is like a relative, we are honored to celebrate it with this award . Finding out how this film has been recognized by those who belong to other cultures, managing to connect with the themes in a universal sense, is a source of great satisfaction for us ».

To break out as Best Actor is Pierfrancesco Favino for his interpretation in Hammamet, the Roman actor holds the prize sitting on one of the armchairs by Greenwich in Testaccio, his neighborhood. Here he sends a message so that the barriers that block cinemas and show business workers today soon fall: “Receiving this award represents a unique opportunity for me – Favino says – especially in this moment when cinema is experiencing a difficult situation. I chose this cinema because it is the cinema of my neighborhood, I can’t wait for these distances, these barriers to fall, and to go back to saying “shut up!” in the dark of the room, elbow to elbow ».

The female face to win the statuette for Best Actress is Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, protagonist of Aspromonte, the land of the last who greeted the jurors with his contagious smile: «This award was a nice surprise, I find the film by Mimmo Calopresti beautiful – explains the actress – Our friendship is fundamental for me and this Globe d Gold is like a tree on our way. The prize is an acknowledgment, being rewarded is like receiving caresses, it’s like meeting, and for me, cinema is above all the meeting “.

Enchant The New Pope of Paolo Sorrentino for the category of Best TV series, and for the new category Best Comedy the former blockbuster and critics wins Tolo Tolo, directed by Luca Medici, in art Checco Zalone. «Receiving an award from the Foreign Press in a difficult moment like this is important – comments Medici in his video, busy talking while casually cleaning the prize with the disinfectant gel – above all as a sign of the trust between the peoples that at this moment is missing ». Being able once again to give a moment of great hilarity, the same one that distinguishes him and that earned him the nomination and victory.

Muse and icon of the history of Italian cinema, Sandra Milo receives in the studies of Cinecittà the Lifetime Achievement Award: “I don’t want to cry – Milo laughs deeply – such a beautiful and prestigious recognition excites me and fills me with pride, and then I receive it here, in the temple of extraordinary art which is Cinema. Cinema needs people and life, lives on the screen and lives in the audience, it is one of the most beautiful expressions of life ».

The Best Rated Film was I wanted to hide, the history of the painter Antonio Ligabue directed by Giorgio Rights. The director was welcomed into the ranks of the Tibur, in the district of Saint Lawrence, a historical and culturally resistant cinema in which the director wanted to remember precisely the importance of reopening and restarting the cinema: «It is a great honor to receive this recognition – says Rights – which has enormous value in our country and abroad . This award makes sense that it is also a good opportunity to restart the cinema, I feel it as a sign for everyone, like me, who love cinema and love to fall into silence to share a dream, an imagination, an experience » .

And it is still his film that also wins the Best Photography, signed by Matteo Cocco, hosted in the hall of theInTrastevere of Trastevere. “I am an Italian who lives abroad – says Cocco – it excites me and honors me to receive this award from the Foreign Press Association in Italy, it has great meaning for me. Finding myself in one of the theaters that I frequented most and discovering it empty is a source of great sadness for me, I think this award must be a good omen for the rebirth of cinema and cinemas ».

The category Young Promise he rewarded Virginia Apicella, protagonist of Nevia, that he received in the spaces of the Farnese, in Campo de ’Fiori, her first Golden Globe: “The last time I came here was for the premiere of the film – the actress recalls – there were a lot of people, while today, here, today there is no one. I wish everything would return to that magical evening, and I hope that everything will improve soon ».

And it’s the movie Picciridda of Paolo Licata to receive recognition as Best First Work, also winning the Best Soundtrack, signed by Pericles Today. For the category of Documentaries the prize goes Vulnerable beauty, of Manuele Mandolesi and, for i Short films, Love beyond time, of Emanuele Pellecchia. The world-renowned costume designer closes an excellence, Carlo Poggioli, awarded the Grand Prix of the Foreign Press.

As for a projection, this virtual informal gala of the Golden Globe was an imaginary journey into the cinema of yesterday and today, a symbolic gesture to draw attention to the importance of giving voice and space to the world of entertainment, the engine of the economy and cultural heart of the country.