Giancarlo Pittelli persecuted by the prosecutors and the Palazzo is silent – Il Tempo

A member of the Italian Parliament for various legislatures, he has been in prison for seven months. Except for Sgarbi and the Lapia grill, nobody went to find him

Francesco Storace

There is no parliamentary interrogation rag to know the reasons for a long pre-trial detention. There is no deputy or senator who went to visit him, indeed, there was one, the Sardinian Five Star Member of Parliament, Maria Lapia. Then, an intervention by Sgarbi and silence.

Giancarlo Pittelli has been in prison for seven months. A member of the Italian parliament for various legislatures, he was arrested during the spectacular execution of hundreds of pre-trial detention orders signed by the Calabrian prosecutor Gratteri.

Heavy charges, of ‘Ndrangheta. Which then, over the months, have faded. There are no longer the so-called end-crimes – those that prove participation in a mafia association – only the so-called “external competition” remains without a single circumstantial evidence to prove it …