General states, hoteliers at the confrontation, then an apology to Conte

ROME He endured the complaints of traders and the anger of industrialists. But on the fifth day of meetings and clashes with the top of the production categories Giuseppe Conte lost patience with the hoteliers and, after imposing a sudden coffee break during the General States, he demanded an apology from Marina Lalli, president of Federturismo Confindustria. A small accident, which reveals the nervousness behind the glittering stuccoes of the Casino dellAlgardi in Villa Pamphilj.

It all happens in the afternoon session dedicated to the tourism sector, which is suffering the consequences of Covid-19 more than other sectors. President Lalli takes the floor to express deep concern because 20-30% of tourism businesses and 70% of travel agencies risk the definitive closure. But in the same minutes an agency launch comes out that reports the sector’s impatience with the government. The premier gets impatient. The president of Federturismo Confindustria has nothing to do with it, yet it is up to her to sprinkle her head with ash on the microphone to reconcile the category with the jurist from Palazzo Chigi: We are very satisfied with the outcome of the meeting with the president, for the method and for sharing goals.

The sector runs a risk of enormous proportions. The month of September will be decisive for employment and related industries. Confindustria is not satisfied with the promises of Palazzo Chigi and asks for non-repayable loans, substantial moratoriums on taxes and duties, wage integration tools. Conte tries to reassure, remembers how our country is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourism and guarantees that in the relaunch plan there is full, convinced and determined will of the government to strengthen these strategic brands.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dario Franceschini, is even optimistic about the recovery. European travelers will come back to us already this year and non-European tourism will also return soon. But to focus on high urgent tourism redevelop the structures. And above all, infrastructure must be improved, both on the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian backbones. And here the chief delegation of the Democratic Party to the government re-launches the plan to bring high-speed trains to Sicily. An idea that, without saying it aloud, involves the construction of the Messina Bridge or a tunnel under the sea.

The profound crisis and also Conte spends encouraging words, again marking the appeal to spend the holidays within our borders: We go on vacation in Italy. We have such wealth and beauty that enhancing them will be our must. Representatives from Agis, Anica and Federculture asked for attention and support for the world of entertainment. Fieg (publishing) compared itself with the undersecretary Andrea Martella. And tomorrow it’s up to the professions. But the echoes of Confindustria’s attack on the government have not yet gone out. Silvio Berlusconi, speaking to Italy tonight on Rete4, he sided with Carlo Bonomi: I subscribe in all respects to what the president of Confindustria says. Forza Italia knows that Italian companies need a friendly government.