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BRUSSELS-ROMA. Yes risespario of the “General States of the economy”, even if the show is not exactly what Giuseppe Conte hoped to be able to stage in the eyes of the many international guests who will be speaking today at Villa Pamphili. All the heads of the EU institutions and the directors of the IMF and OECD, to which the Prime Minister wants to send a reassuring message, will parade today – albeit by videoconference – at the government’s representative headquarters: Italy is ready to start again and knows how to spend well the approximately 170 billion that will come from Europe with the “Recovery Fund”.

A complicated diplomatic operation, because the opposition has decided to desert the appointment, derubricated to “catwalk”, and the majority itself does nothing but send signs of impatience. Conte has put down a draft “Relaunch Plan” which – in the intentions – should reassure European partners and avoid surprises in the negotiation on the “Recovery Fund” which will take place next week at the European Council. A text that the Prime Minister, after criticism received from his own ministers, patiently filed together with the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri and the heads of delegation of government parties.

Recovery Fund, as the Italian government will have to spend the € 82 billion non-refundable

“It’s time for concrete actions and urgent actions to improve the country,” Conte writes on Facebook on the eve. The prime minister promises to “unblock the construction sites already in the summer, 120 billion works to be speeded up and built”, promises “High speed throughout Italy, especially in the South”, a “Impresa 4.0 Plus” project. And then a “single national fiber optic network”, the elimination of cash and so on.

After him, today the president of the European Parliament David Sassoli, the EU commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, the president of the EU commission Ursula von Der Leyen, the president of the ECB Christine Lagarde, the IMF operational director Kristalina Georgieva, the governor of the Bank will speak of Italy Vincenzo Visco, OECD Secretary General Angel Gurria. From Monday, however, it will be up to the social partners.

Moreover, in Brussels there is a certain interest in what will emerge from the general states. Because the money from the “Recovery fund” will not be distributed unconditionally, but will be tied to the implementation of the reforms. “Italy has a great opportunity that must not be wasted”: in short, this will be the message that will arrive this morning from the interventions of the EU leaders. Manfred Weber, EPP group leader in the EU Parliament, explains: “Countries like Germany are ready to take a big step, agreeing to contract common debt for this future investment in the name of European solidarity”. But for the German, Italy too must do its part: “It’s time for responsibility. Anyone who wants recovery funds must present a credible plan. We cannot finance with European money the false promises of some government party ».

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In Brussels, for example, Prime Minister Conte’s idea of ​​investing a billion euros to plant a million dthe trees. Accounts in hand, they make a thousand euros per tree. The initiative is appreciated by the EU, but according to a spokesman for the Commission “the cost does not seem very much in line with current prices”.

This is why Conte would have liked to offer a more cohesive image. Even yesterday, however, there was no lack of pricks. For Matteo Renzi «everything is useful. The important thing is that we move on to the concrete projects after the small talk ». And the president of the senatori Pd Andrea Marcucci “this must be the moment of concreteness”. The M5s boss Vito Crimi then announces that the 5 stars will present their own package of proposals.

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