From Giuffrè the software for the forensic acquisition of online content – La Stampa

Lawyers will have a new ally in their everyday business. Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre, the leading publishing house in Italy in professional publishing in the legal and tax areas, has just launched the new Digital Proof Cliens solution. It is a cloud software dedicated to the forensic acquisition of online content, according to the international best practices of forensic computing, or the ISO / IEC 27037: 2012 standard. Cliens Prova Digitale was born from the partnership with Kopjra, one of the first software houses in Italy to specialize in the creation of complex legal tech solutions.

A digital detective

Cliens Digital Proof automates the forensic acquisition process of navigation and generates a forensic evidence package containing evidence that the contents displayed were online at a certain date and time, in compliance with all the necessary requirements for a judge to be able to hold valid the digital evidence acquired.

Cliens Digital Proof allows you to acquire the web pages of interest and all the contents, multimedia and otherwise, made available on these web pages (texts, images, videos, documents and more generally files available for download). Finally, Cliens Trial Digital automatically draws up the methodological report necessary for the digital evidence acquired to be usable in court.

The solution, which is aimed at lawyers, technical consultants and forensic IT experts, can be used to acquire navigation on any website, social network, video platform, e-mail and chat system for legal purposes and has been designed to be used in proceedings related to defamation, identity theft, cyberbullying, sexting, stalking, revenge porn, infidelity, copyright, plagiarism, counterfeiting, and so on.

An aid from artificial intelligence

By allowing to automatically obtain the digital evidence and the compilation of the methodological report, the solution reduces forensic acquisition times by 70% compared to the same manual procedure and reduces costs up to 10 times, allowing lawyers to insert it within the its service offering and their technical consultants to significantly increase work volumes. The product is delivered in sessions, ie in time slots, in the cloud: each forensic acquisition consumes one session; each session lasts a maximum of 30 minutes, more than enough time to browse a large number of web pages. The cost of a 30-minute session ranges from € 250, if you want to buy a single one, up to € 100 for each session, if you buy a pack of 25, compared to an average market cost of € 500 , which reaches 1,000 euros or even more for forensic acquisitions carried out manually.

“We are investing in legal tech software because we strongly believe in the digitalization of the legal professions, a commitment that also sees the international Lefebvre Sarrut group to which we belong at the forefront – says Stefano Garisto, General Manager of Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre -. This is why we have chosen Kopjra, a software house of excellence in legal tech that has developed an unbeatable know-how thanks to many years of consultancy in this sector “. Kopjra, who over the past six years has supported a few dozen customers, has been a technical consultant to part of big names such as Mediaset, SIAE and Sky in disputes in which digital evidence has been produced: from this experience acquired in the field it has been developed Cliens Digital Proof, developed during 2019 and acquired exclusively for Italy by Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre. Born as a startup in 2014 from the ingenuity of three young people under 30, Kopjra develops proprietary solutions by intercepting market trends and needs, and then putting them on sale through authoritative and recognized partners such as, in this case, Giuffrè.