From Cmc Ravenna the tunnel for drinking water in Buenos Aires

The first drinking water will arrive south of Buenos Aires in 2027. It will be distributed through underground pipelines to 2.5 million people. But first it will have to be transported for 13.5 kilometers from the Bernal sewage treatment plant to the Lomas di Zamora area. The hydraulic tunnel together with the pumping station at the end of the tunnel will be built by the Cmc group of Ravenna, one of the leaders in the construction sector. Value of the project 170 million euros. The tunnel will be finished in 2022.

In the same area Salini-Impregilo and Ghella are carrying out a project for the treatment of waste water from the Riachuelo river, highly polluted, which will have an important environmental impact and on the living conditions of about 4 million people, including those who live in Boca, the historic district of Italian immigration. As a demonstration of how the collaboration between Argentina and Italy never stops, even in times of crisis, observed the ambassador of Italy to Buenos Aires, Giuseppe Manzo. It is a work with a value that is both concrete and symbolic and an example of the Italian entrepreneurial presence in this country where there are 250 Italian companies that generate over 50 thousand jobs.

Last week the rotating head was placed inside a well 25 meters deep – called Eva, in memory of Eva Peron and her social commitment – of the mechanical cutter that will carry out the excavation. The inauguration was also attended by Argentine President Alberto Fernndez. The mole will have to dig a 13.5 km tunnel that will be the backbone of the Agua Sur System project, managed by the Argentine public company Aysa, which deals with the waters in the country. Cmc will also produce the prefabricated elements of the tunnel lining in a neighboring plant and will employ about 400 people at full capacity.