Former judge Marco Petrini under house arrest in a convent – Il Tempo

He was placed under house arrest in a convent because he embarked on a religious path. As stated in the article published by the Corriere della Sera, Marco Petrini, a former judge from Catanzaro, had been arrested for corruption but was unable to go to house arrest for danger of polluting the evidence. The former magistrate had been arrested on January 15 on charges of corruption in court documents.

As stated in the article in the “Corriere della Sera”, the former toga has already reached the Benedictine convent “Small Exodus family” in the municipality of Decollatura, in the province of Salerno. “I’m fine, I have a nice room and I can pray” said Petrini to his defender, lawyer Francesco Calderaro. The lawyer declares that “we have indicated a monastery, outside of Calabria, willing to accept it. And the court said yes to our request”.