FCA, from Intesa Sanpaolo’s board of directors the go-ahead for the 6.3 billion loan – La Stampa

Green light from the board of directors of Intesa Sanpaolo to the resolution relating to the financing of 6.3 billion euros in favor of FCA Italy. The financing will support the entire Italian automotive supply chain: 1 million employees employed in 200 thousand small and medium-sized enterprises. The resolution will be effective upon obtaining the public guarantee, recognized by Sace, equal to 80% of the amount and once the contractual procedure with FCA Italy has been completed.

This guarantee, obtained a favorable opinion from Sace, will be the subject of a special decree of the Ministry of Economy and published in the Official Gazette after approval by the Court of Auditors, as required by the Liquidity decree of 8 April last.

In the end, if all the boxes fall into place, it will be the largest loan guaranteed by the state to an industrial group since the start of the pandemic.