Emergency, there is no agreement: “For now, no extension …”

The decision is delicate: prolong it state of emergency because of the Covid pandemic until October 31, 2020 or let the special period end on July 31, as initially foreseen by the measure taken in January? The Council of Ministers, called to answer the question, according to what has been learned, opted for the second option.

At present, therefore, everything will end on July 31st. Not extending the state of emergency, for the executive, will result in radical changes in the management of the pandemic. Meanwhile, it will no longer be possible to derogate from the procurement code for the purchase of masks, serological tests, swabs and so on. After that, new resources will be needed to finance health workers hired in ports and airports precisely because of the pandemic.

Furthermore, without extension, they will go up in smoke measures such as the blocking of layoffs and smart working, two issues considered by the Giallorossi to be fundamental to restarting the Italian economy. Faced with a white smoke, the measures mentioned will be recovered with the new Dpcm, which will restore the guidelines for offices, factories, transport, shops, beaches, prohibit gatherings and will maintain the obligation to use the mask in closed places.

A day of fire

The day is excited and you can understand it from the early hours of the morning. Giuseppe Conte it convened a majority meeting before the Council of Ministers scheduled for 9 pm (then postponed to 11 pm). It seemed like the executive intended to prolong the state of emergency, bad controversy and the criticisms received, even from some majority parties, eventually pushed the premier to review its strategy.

any extension in the event, it would only come after a close confrontation. As if that were not enough, the intention of the Giallorossi was to ask for a vote in Parliament.

But why did the government want to prolong the state of emergency? The reason, he points out The Corriere della Sera, was one: streamline procedures for purchasing material to restart schools (from desks to masks through serological tests), renew the Dpcm and the various ordinances in case of need. The opposition has threatened not to vote on the agenda.

Opposing opinions

What is certain is that the opinions, even within the government, were quite conflicting. In recent days the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, explained that no decision had been made up to that point and that everything had to go through Parliament. “He must be the protagonist of the decision-making process in the relationship of trust that binds him to the government“, the words of Hope.

Worthy of note is the turnaround of Italia Viva. At first Matteo Renzi criticized the possible extension of the special period: “I don’t think there is a need for a state of emergency until December 31st. The emergency today is not Coronavirus: there are just over 50 people in intensive care: ok the rules, distancing, masks and prudence“. For Renzi the”real emergency“was the economy:”You risk starvation, not Covid“, he added.

The president of Italia Viva, Ettore Rosato, opened to the extension of the state of emergency: “Okay, but it should be done with balance and intelligence“.”It must be functional to the economic recovery, before and more than the health one“he explained. Rosato then pointed out that”the health emergency is still there, but there is a much heavier crisis, the economic one, which will leave an incredible mark in our society if we do not react“. This crisis”it is not governed by fear – concluded –but with commitment, respect for the rules and with the restart“.

For the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, “the state of emergency is needed“. In an interview with Corriere della Sera, Boccia said that “there will be no limitations on personal freedoms” is that “despite some attempts to be optimistic regardless, the objective fact is that the world has experienced the worst week since the Covid explosion“.

The position of the center-right

Mariastella Gelmini, leader of Forza Italia in the Chamber, reiterated its opposition to the extension of the state of emergency. “This evening – stated in a note –as far as we learn, the Council of Ministers will also examine the possible extension of the state of emergency linked to Covid. The government has some clear points: first, Forza Italia rejects any hypothesis of extension until 31 December; secondly, the executive should not dream of making such important decisions without involving Parliament before and not after“.

Lega and Fratelli d’Italia are ready to make the barricades. “If the government thinks of extending the state of emergency in the face of a non-existent health emergency, the League will make barricades inside and outside the parliament because it is enormous economic damage for Italy, just announcing that we could go back to closing means being in bad faith“, thundered the secretary of the Carroccio, Matteo Salvini.

Giorgia Meloni instead she spoke of “delirium” and wondered why extend the state of emergency until December 31 “in a Europe where no one has extended it“.”I have not understood what the message we want to give is. It is the government’s attempt to maintain freedom of action that has allowed it to do things that had nothing to do with Covid. On this I am ready to barricade“added Meloni.