Ecobonus for the car: 3,000 reservations in two hours – La Stampa

From today, August 1st, the new car scrapping campaign starts and the first results have recorded important numbers: in the first two hours of reservations on the appropriate platform – according to what the Ansa learns from sources of the Ministry of Development – 3,000 have arrived reservations.

The eco-bonus provides incentives for those who change machines. The measure also applies to the purchase of cars with traditional Euro 6 engines and also offers incentives to those who do not have a car to be scrapped. In any case, the contributions for electric and hybrid cars have been expanded which in some cases can reach up to 10,000 euros. This is an initiative that has the aim of supporting the auto sector and the entire supply chain facing the deep difficulties caused by the pandemic. In the first half of 2020, the sector suffered a severe blow, with a drop of 46%.

In April, the OK of the Court of Auditors for the auto eco-bonus. Here’s how it works

Incentives and discounts
Yesterday the information on the measurement arrived on the Mise website. From this morning, and “until 31 December 2020, it will be possible to book the incentive for the purchase of low-emission category M1 vehicles on the website, with the new features introduced in the relaunch decree. For the measure, another 50 million euros are made available, in addition to the funds already allocated for the incentive, equal to 100 million euros for 2020 and 200 million for 2021.

In particular, the range of low-emission M1 vehicles for which it will be possible to request the contribution, which can reach up to € 8,000 for the purchase with scrapping and up to € 5,000 for the purchase without scrapping, has been expanded. Discounts of up to € 2,000 can be added to the eco-bonus, which will be granted directly by the sellers. ” As indicated, the range of vehicles with CO2 emissions 61/110 g / km belonging to the Euro 6 environmental class with a list price of no more than 40 thousand euros is added to the M1 types already envisaged.

What is the 110% superbonus, what can be restructured and who can request it

Incentives even without scrapping
According to what Mise indicated, «from August 1, in addition to the innovations already entered into force on July 22 for the purchase of L-category vehicles (mopeds, motorcycles and similar vehicles) with scrapping, contributions can also be booked online for the purchase of vehicles without having to deliver a vehicle for scrapping.

In this case, the contribution applied will be 30% of the purchase price up to a maximum of € 3,000, while it is 40% of the purchase price up to a maximum of € 4,000 with scrapping “.