Earthquake in the 5 Star Movement: 3 more senators towards farewell

There is never peace within the 5 star movement, put to the test by the infinite problems that make an already unstable group fragile due to the various currents from which it is characterized. In the last hours we have witnessed thefarewell to Alessandra Riccardi, which passed to the League because it was also disappointed by the lack of parliamentary confrontation with the opposition for the reforms in the Coronavirus emergency. However, this would not be the last issue: according to what was learned and reported by theHuffington Post, soon three senators could definitely say goodbye to the yellow world to marry elsewhere.

Specifically, the subjects deemed “at risk“would be Mattia Crucioli, Tiziana Dragon and Marinella Pacific: the first could reach Gianluigi Paragone to the Mixed Group; the other two could marry the Northern League cause. Matteo Salvini’s intent is now clear: emptying the 5S to make them increasingly fragile so as to make the Giallorossi executive wobble. A milestone that has been intercepted, given that a prominent exponent of the grill has thus vented: “The goal now is to earthquake Giuseppe Conte“The scouting of the Carroccio has well-imprinted ideas: to drop the government for lack of sufficient numbers or wait for a possible move by Forza Italia to act as a crutch to the Count bis. The party in via Bellerio would emerge strengthened in both cases.

Conte is now trembling

Inevitably the prime minister is experiencing hours of concern and looks with his own eyes at what could become a real political bomb that would blow up his armchair. However, positivity filters out of the Movement, especially in light of the statements by Federico D’Incà who tried to tame a rather fiery situation. “We are well above the majority of 160, we are almost 170, there is a majority stable, we proved it even when that fox of Calderoli has tried to put a trap in the Senate“, reassured the Minister for Relations with Parliament.

In fact, points out theHuffPost, the picture is very different: the majority absolute is 161 votes, while the sum of the parliamentary groups that support the government leads to 160. The remaining votes refer to senators for life and to those who have been expelled from the M5S. That is completely dancers positions. The executive must also deal with the divisions that came about during the regional elections. “Among the political forces united in support of the Conte government, the no, i but, if, perhaps, divisions prevail. The reason is ridiculous: Italy can be governed together for 4 years but not a Region or a Municipality because this would mean ‘strategic alliance’. Ridiculous!“was the outburst of Nicola Zingaretti. The secretary of the Democratic Party therefore made an appeal to the allies: “Let’s face reality, let’s change it, but stop looking at the world from the airship. Let’s go ahead and fight with those who have the ideas and tools to win“.