Don’t let us die of lockdown. Here are the ten requests from the shutters to the government

The state pays the rents of the assets and extends the employee layoffs for the duration of the closure. And cancel the taxes due for the current year since the country’s blockade. These are some of the requests of the MOSA – Shutter movement which unites many businesses on their knees for the lockdown decided following the coronavirus emergency. The committee wrote an open letter addressed to the President of the Republic, the President of the Council, government ministers, members of the parliamentary majority and the opposition; responsible for information and television and written communication.

“We speak to you with the voice of millions of Italian citizens who were the first to be affected by this crisis and who do not see a
future. We have always lived through our work, without ever asking for a penny from the state, to which, on the contrary, we have regularly paid part of the fruits of our labors, as is right because we are a single community, a single country. Now we are officially asking you to listen to our requests “, reads the document.

“We can only live in an open country. In these dramatic conditions we will die. We are faced with unacceptable solutions: fictitious openings that will annihilate our businesses; we are in fact forced to go into debt to pay the debts that derive and will continue to derive from this situation – not attributable to us and irreconcilable with normal business risk – knowing that a debt only makes sense in terms of its ability to repay it. That we will not have. We have been without revenue for almost two months, with terrible prospects for a very long time. among us he is keeping his business open, according to the law, he has almost no more customers. We know what awaits us, and we refuse him. “

“We ask first of all the respect of our Constitution, which in Article 1 defines Italy as a democratic Republic based precisely on that Work that has been taken away from us and that we want to allow in a short time in impossible conditions; that again with the articles 4, 35 protects the Work as an indispensable and founding principle of our Community, and promotes the conditions that make it effective and concrete. We want to be able to continue to live, and to do so without risks to our health (article 32) and with that social dignity that the Constitution establishes the same for everyone in article 3 “, write the MOSA traders and operators.

Here is the list of requests not to die of lockdown. “WE ASK: 1) the assumption by the state of the obligation to pay for our commercial leases (as permitted by art. 1180 of the civil code) for the entire closing period; 2) the cancellation of the taxes due for the current year from the country’s freeze; 3) the extension of the redundancy fund of our employees for the entire duration of the closure, so that we can reopen the activities only in real normal conditions; 4) the elimination of payroll contributions for a period of six months from the reopening, with the support of the State, gradually to climb, in the payment of net wages; 5) the cancellation of bank commissions for the POS; 6) the blocking of commercial licenses, returning to a legal protection regime which safeguards the value of our activities; 7) the streamlining of bureaucracy, which weighs small and micro entrepreneurs on unsustainable obligations and burdens; the real defense of l made in Italy 9) the reduction of the fixed costs charged to the bills; and above all 10) the crediting of a reasonable monthly amount, with non-refundable amount, to the current account of each adult citizen by the European Central Bank, for the entire duration of the closings, starting from the first day of blocking the country, so that whoever no income can have the right sustenance, and whoever continues to maintain a salary can receive with this money a formidable impulse to spend it in our commercial fabric “.

“Our requests concern all Italian citizens, because the crisis is very serious, epochal and general. If we do not change the cultural and socio-economic paradigms with which to face it, nobody will come out of it. We cannot respond to this tragic challenge with the old conceptual tools of debt, not only inadequate but completely counterproductive, because they would sink us forever, making us the first fallen cards of a global domino destined to collapse inexorably shortly. Let us rise together, before it is too late! “, concludes the MOSA – Movement of the SAracinesche in a desperate cry for help.