Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps & Buy Postage Stamps From Rite

Rite Aid Corporation started out as a little pharmacy store in 1962, almost 55 years ago in Pennsylvania, USA. Fast forward to this date, it is a well-known drug store chain of the retailing industry which does not require any introduction, whatsoever. Its headquarters are situated in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. Rite Aid boasts of a rich history. Alex Grass opened its first store in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The store was then known as Thrift D Discount Center.


Rite Aid Background History

In 1968, the company took its current name and has been functioning under it ever since. From this year, it legally came to be known as the Rite Aid Corporation. Rite Aid soon faced rapid growth and expansion. It has since forged a partnership with the General Nutrition Corporation (GNC). Also, a partnership with helped the customers to place medical prescriptions online for same day in-store pickups, since 1999.


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Below are a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Rite Aid and here they are with their rightful answers. Read on to know more.

Does Rite Aid Sell Stamps

Does Rite Aid sell stamps?

‘Does Rite Aid sell stamps?’ is one of the most common questions about this retailing industry. The answer is yes.

Rite Aid provides daily products as well as services for the common American man. Rite Aid is making life easy for everybody one step at a time. One can very easily purchase food items, medicine as well as postage stamps from here. There are Rite Aid stores in every part of the country which is easily locatable.

Stamps can be bought according to your requirement, which is in single form as well as book form.

So to sum up, Rite Aid does sell postage stamps and it is easily available near major residential locations. Rite Aid happens to be the biggest drugstore chain in the East Coast and the third largest one in the country with about 4600 stores across 31 states spread all over the United States of America. Thus, one can buy stamps at Rite Aid without any difficulty in minimum time for sure, with a single doubt.

Apart from selling postage stamps, Rite Aid also deals with day to day products and services and focuses mainly on keeping you and your family healthy. Rite Aid prioritizes health above everything.



‘Can I Buy stamps at Rite Aid?’ is another popular question. Well, the answer is yes, of course, Rite Aid doe sell stamps and you can buy them here. Anybody can buy stamps at Rite Aid with no trouble at all. Usually, they are available with the cashier. All you have to do is just ask him/her. It is advisable to make sure to evaluate and weigh the package or envelope before so as to make sure the number of stamps required.

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Rite Aid has great employees who are helpful, patient, trained and friendly, just in case you ever need their assistance. Rite Aid pharmacies and drugstores have stamps available of all types and kinds. Calls can be made to make sure if they are available at the nearest Rite Aid, prior one’s visiting.

Most of the times, these stamps are easily obtainable at any of the stores, very near to your house and maybe just around the corner. If you have problems finding a Rite Aid store, try to locate them online.

 Why Rite Aid is Always the first and the Right Choice

Rite Aid is easy to locate than other pharmacy stores and it has very reasonable prices when compared to its competitors. Almost every locality has a store of this company, probably just around the corner. Rite Aid does sell stamps and has many varieties and options from where you can choose from

It also provides support, other products (including food) and pharmacy services. The staff is well natured, prompt and very helpful. Over time, Rite Aid has expanded its reach in different states of America and now has stores in 31 states with around 89000 employees across the whole country.


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There are very frequent seasonal discounts and sales for promotion which prove to be really advantageous for the loyal customer base.

The pharmacies are well operational and very nicely managed with excellent timings. The company started the Wellness+ program with Plenti rewards around 2015 which became hugely popular with the customers.

This program helps you to earn bonus points which can later be redeemed at any Rite Aid store using the same card.

This means more rewards and more discounts. On January 2018, Rite Aid has begun Wellness+ Bonus Cash which can be redeemed at a Rite Aid store.

The customer service is commendable and prompt. If you find your right Rite Aid store, there are really pretty great chances of you coming back here again and again. If you haven’t tried out Rite Aid, locate your nearest store using its store locator available online and get all your essentials along with the postage stamps, today.

Rite Aid functions with its motto, ‘With Us, It’s Personal’ and they’ve really gone a long way to prove it and make its customers happy and satisfied. For this company, the customers are guaranteed to have maximum contentment and good products as well as services.

Great Customer Service

The partnership with GNC is also a strong point for the company because now people can buy all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals along with their daily products at GNC outlets in any Rite Aid store.

1-800-RITE AID

Hearing or Speech Disabled

Dial 711 to reach us thru National Telecommunications Relay



This is definitely convenient and helpful for the customers. Apart from all these benefits, there are other additional programs which provide awareness against allergies, health, and welfare, flu shots, skin as well as well care. So Rite Aid has got you and your family’s well being covered.

Trust it and you will never be disappointed. With such good number of offers, savings, and opportunities, there will never be any kind of discontent or regret. So not just post stamps, Rite Aid has much more to offer.