Dl Security, the 5S yield to the Democratic Party: “We change them in September”

The second meeting with the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese has borne the long-awaited results from the majority Pd / Leu / Iv: Vito Crimi, more hostile to the opening, is also put aside

After a little consistent ed initial resistance also Five stars they bow to the will to put their hand to the security decrees issued when they formed the yellow-green majority of government. However, the request from the grillini, arrived at the end of the second meeting called by the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese with the entire executive team, is for the revision to arrive in September. A new meeting is also scheduled to better define the points of understanding between the majority forces for next Tuesday.

That the intention of the grillini was to pander the will vigorously pursued by Pd, Leu and Iv seemed almost clear from the start, given that the leader Vito Crimi, among the supporters of the toughest line on migration, was put aside as a spokesman in favor of Vittoria Baldino and Giuseppe Brescia.

A discussion that went on for hours, during which some important points were set, starting with the cancellation of the penalties for ships Ong, who will only be required to coordinate their “rescue” operations with the countries they fly the flag on.

The will not be reintroduced “humanitarian motivation”, however foreigners will be able to enjoy a moderate expansion of special permits, especially for those who report psychiatric problems or illnesses or for those who report the fear of suffering “inhuman and degrading treatments” within your home country just left behind.

The times of detention in the cPR will be halved, and it will go from the current 180 days up to 90, in addition, asylum seekers will also have the opportunity to be registered in the municipal registry. The protections provided also for parents of minor children, to whom the reception in the Siproimi system will be opened.

Among the various proposals put forward by the participants, specifically Davide Faraone of Italia dei Valori, also the one that came back into vogue for the “ius culturee”.

At the end of the work, the Minister of the Interior adopted all the suggestions received, delivering them to the legislative office, which will take care of putting them together and articulating them for next Tuesday, when a new meeting between the parties is expected.

The resistance opposed by the Cinquestelle, who asked for a review of the security decrees, is sterile“without propaganda and with concrete objectives: protection for those who really need it and serious fight against human traffickers”. But openness to other government forces seems evident, provided that no interventions are anticipated until September, given that, as reported by TgCom24,“there are already several conversion decrees and others have been announced”.

Matteo Mauri, deputy minister and Pd exponent, instead asks for an acceleration:“We are close to canceling a very sad page for our country and that is why we ask all the majority forces to go ahead without hesitations.

In the meantime, even without the modification of the safety decrees and even with the slowdown of the emergency Coronavirus, in June, landings are literally tripled compared to the same period of last year (6184 in all).