Dl Missioni, Mes and Autostrade: Conte trembles with the splits

For the government there is no peace: there is no shortage of clash camps, given that every day there are various occasions that could represent the flame capable of triggering a crisis. The recent ones have been rather troubled months for the Giallorossi, whose marriage – it must be remembered – has been agreed for the sole purpose of avoiding the victory of the center-right. And the effects are, unfortunately, for all to see: total immobility and constant quarrels. Here because Giuseppe Conte he is no longer as serene as he was in September: he knows very well that it takes very little to blow up his chair. An awareness that he now knows well and that has led him progressively to take on the role of intermediary and diplomat to try to find a common solution that satisfies the various souls of the executive.

It is obvious that the tactic of melina it cannot last forever. Also because important appointments are approaching and the majority will be called to make clear decisions, in no uncertain terms. The striking example concerns the Mes: if on one hand the Democratic Party and Italia Viva are firmly in favor of the use of the States-saving fund, on the other the 5 Star Movement has not yet found a single line to follow. The grillini however recently started the digestion process European stability mechanism, as shown by the slight openings arrived. Meanwhile, the resolution of + Europa has confirmed once again the weakness that has always characterized the Giallorossi: despite the negative opinion of the allies, Italia Viva voted both times in favor.

The government is now at risk

As if that were not enough, the government has revealed itself fragile also on the resolution presented by the majority parties on the premier’s communications in view of the extraordinary EU Council of 17-18 July 2020: in the Senate the resolution passed with only 157 votes in favor, while 130 were against. The picture of the situation is clear : is far away majority absolute, set at 161 (4 votes have failed). In the meantime, there are those who try to reason about the future of the lawyer and the first names appear to replace him.

The attack went immediately Francis Paul Sisto, who commented harshly on the obvious rift: “It is not a transitory episode but the link of an infinite chain, studded with critical issues and friction points, which sees in Conte a pseudo mediator intent on satisfying today one and tomorrow the other of the majority parties in order to survive“. The deputy of Power Italy he lashed out against what he believes to be a government completely incapable of facing and solving the problems of our country: “Italy needs skills, abilities, authority. In this executive there is not even a crumb“.

The majority is split

As the days go by, the shadow of a real crisis becomes more and more impending. Also this morning there were moments of voltage for the stability of the executive: a division has opened in the majority regarding the intervention in Libya. The Chamber has given the green light to the resolution on international missions. The text was voted for in separate parts: 453 in favor of the funding for the missions (even center-right MPs), 9 against and 9 abstentions. But on the part related tointervention in Libya 401 “yes” votes were collected: 23 voted against and signed a manifesto explaining why Italy should no longer support the Libyan coastguard. Among them the dem Laura Boldrini, Matteo Orfini, Giuditta Pini and the 5 Stars Doriana Sarli, Paolo Lattanzio, Giorgio Trizzino. THE renziani did not participate in the vote.

Even on the topic Autostrade, no peace was found: thecreaky agreement not everyone agreed. And the accusations made by M5S against Conte are very hard: “For us it is not a victory. We get an important result, but it will look like a backing. Just two days ago the government publicly supported the revocation. I haven’t talked about it for a while, to be honest, but authoritative voices have spoken out in favor. We raised the bar, then we pull it down“For the prime minister, it will be weeks indeed complicated: on the one hand, it will have to finally try to help the country in a concrete way; on the other it will have to work to heal the tears in the majority and avoid the definitive collapse of its executive.