Di Battista: “Renzi counts for nothing. He will not bring down the government otherwise he will disappear”

It is a clear and, in some respects, humiliating message that launched by tonight Alessandro Di Battista versus Matteo Renzi.

The grillino, exponent of the Orthodox wing of the Movement, guest of “Sono le Venti” broadcast on the Nove channel, attacked the leader of Italia Viva underlining the political difficulties that the former prime minister is experiencing.“Renzi? It doesn’t matter. He is a finished man who has had the country in his hand, has plundered his consent with unacceptable laws and now makes books, statements, interviews “, said Di Battista.

The grill went even further. Regarding the hypothesis that the Iv leader may drop the governmentDibba noted that Renzi is aware of not carrying out this threat as it would risk not having elected to Parliament anymore:“At the test of nine he always drew back, because if he could go to the vote he would take less votes than Power to the people”.

Di Battista, however, despite having always been against any type of alliance with the Democratic Party, admits that he hopes that the Conte government will continue its experience. The reason is simple. The grillino, in fact, explained that he was against a technical government you hate National unity“which everyone enters and above all those three powers or state borrowers who have pocketed billions of euros in these 30 years”. These, according to Dibba,“these are absolutely hypotheses to be opposed, especially today that there are powers that want to share the money of reconstruction”.

On the hypothesis vented in recent days by the premier With you of a serious and without prejudice evaluation also of the construction of the Bridge over the strait of Messina as part of a development of the infrastructure network in Italy, Di Battista is peremptory: “The bridge over the Strait is extremely expensive and the needs of the country are different”.

According to the grill, Italy needs “thousands of construction sites but for the most important public work of all, namely the maintenance of the existing”. The grillino also recalled how statistically a destructive earthquake occurs every two years in our country and how it is therefore essential to secure the territory. “The costs we pay for inaction are very high, these are the important infrastructural works, not the bridge over the Strait”, he concluded.