Dentix, the composition with creditors requested in continuity – La Stampa

ROME. After weeks of silence, and after protests that also resulted in complaints from many customers and consumer associations, something is moving on the Dentix front, the chain of dental clinics that after the end of the lockdown has no longer reopened, creating many problems to the many people he was treating. The company, which belongs to a Spanish multinational present in Europe and South America with 325 clinics and 6500 employees, has in fact announced that it has presented the request for an arrangement with creditors in continuity at the Court of Milan. “The goal – informs a note – is to arrive at the reopening of the clinics in safe conditions, provide the necessary care to patients, restructure the financial debt, protect creditors, employees and collaborators”.

“We have worked and reflected on various hypotheses to return to operations in Italy in the best possible way, without neglecting the commitments we have made. The arrangement with creditors agreement is the best choice to protect everyone’s interests: first of all our patients, employees, creditors and the Company “, said Angel Lorenzo Muriel, founder and president of Dentix.

In Italy the group is present with the company Dentix Italia established in 2014 which currently manages 56 dental clinics throughout the country, with a staff of 420 employees, 56 health directors and 229 doctors. The crisis of the Dentix Italia company, which already came to light in the imminence of the lockdown, follows that of the Spanish parent company and has worsened due to the closure imposed by the rules for the containment of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Following the filing of the request for a composition with creditors in continuity, Dentix Italia will now present within the deadline that will be assigned by the Court, and in any case within a maximum of 120 days, a plan to restructure the debt and relaunch the company «which will allow to reopen the clinics with the primary objective of completing the dental treatments due to patients and, at the same time, finding agreements in the best interest of all ».

Before the presentation of the arrangement request, the corporate management of Dentix Italia signed with the trade unions Fisascat Cisl, Uiltucs and Filcams Cgil an agreement for the request of the ordinary FIS for a 13-week corporate crisis in favor of 320 employees, to be recognized to the workers at the end of the intervention of the ordinary check for corporate crisis presumably starting from July 17 The company will advance every month the portions of thirteenth and fourteenth in addition to the liquidation of the hours of ROL leave accrued and not enjoyed at December 31, 2019 recognized with the liquidation of the skills of the month of July. Dentix has also undertaken to pay the workers who request it the advance payment of TFR in the amount of 70% of the accrued plus the advance of the ordinary check equal to 40% of the hours authorized for the entire period.