De Luca is smart about numbers: forget about contagions in Mondragone. And Calderoli unmasks it

In Campania the accounts do not return. Let’s talk about the coronavirus and that effect Mondragone which raises serious doubts about the management of the pandemic by the governor Vincenzo De Luca. There is a suspicion that someone in the region is manipulating the data. There is no certainty, only one theory. But, looking at the numbers, something is wrong. What we are writing has emerged thanks to the League senator, Roberto Calderoli, who asks for transparency. Otherwise nothing would have emerged. Complete dark.

A positive and a deceased person. These are the data released today by the region’s crisis unit Campania for the implementation of measures for the prevention and management of the epidemiological emergency from COVID-19. The tampons of the day were 3,277. The total of positives is 4,690 while the total of swabs is 282,523. The total of the deceased is 432. The healed of the day are 4. The total of the healed is 4,077 units.

From the bulletin released today at 18 by the Ministry of Health, however, it emerges, and here comes the fun part, that there are many 24 positivity cases more in Campania than yesterday. The data differs, that is, from that communicated by the region’s crisis unit which in the daily bulletin reported only one infection more than yesterday. The regional task force communicated yesterday, with a press release released at 6:16 pm, of the additional 23 cases found in the Caserta area, in areas and municipalities bordering Mondragone, the area where the Covid-19 outbreak occurred. And where last Monday the governor De Luca has decreed the red zone.

These 23 newly infected – mostly these are workers who came into contact with the Bulgarian laborers coronavirus positive results – however, they were not reported in today’s bulletin released daily at 5pm.“This is the result of a mass screening, such as that which has affected the territory of Ariano Irpino in recent weeks and fall under different accounts”, say to the agency Dire from the regional crisis unit, recalling that the national data date back to the previous day and that the 23 cases related to the Mondragone outbreak were already communicated to the ministry yesterday.

Piccato the J’accuse of Calderoli which denounces a real “Campania affair”.“The Campania region of De Luca, which for days had not counted the infected outbreaks of the Mondragone outbreak, continuing to rattle numbers by telephone prefix (one infected, maximum two), today finds a sudden increase to 24. An increase of 240% because of me, after complaining about the agencies this morning simply asking for transparency and clarity on the counts. Here there is no ranking, there is no competition between regions for those who are less infected. Here we are all in the same boat and we must all row in the same direction. And, if the positives are 24, it cannot be said that he is only one like Campania does too often, including today “.

To sum up, at 5pm the Campania speaks of a positive and an hour later the civil protection must correct with 24.“It seems to me that there is a big difference. Just give the numbers like this. You need precision. Because the health and health safety of each of us depends on how we respect the rules of distance and protection. And if we give numbers at random to make a good impression (electoral) today we risk everyone’s evil tomorrow. Is that clear? “.

Then, always Calderoli, continue.“We are happy to see in the newsletters every day a trend of net reduction for the infected is spread by the civil protection and by the regions. It is clear that good news is always welcome and that optimism and positivity are welcome and welcome without unnecessary alarmism. But you also need fairness with respect to the news of the various outbreaks, since the numbers do not match. Yesterday Campania, for example, announces only one new positive and yet there are 23 new positives in the outbreak of Mondragone, always on Saturday Campania announced three infections despite the cases in Mondragone “.

But under the lens of the Northern League senator also ends Lazio:“In Lazio on Sunday it counted nine positives including 4 in Rome despite having 12 in the Fiumicino outbreak only. Then some infected are spread in the previous or following days, we know it, but I repeat need clarity. The population has the right to correct and precise information on the numbers, on their certainty, because the resulting behaviors and compliance with the rules given or suggested by the regions themselves derive from this information “.

Also noteworthy are the “calm” data of Thursday and Friday always in Campania. Something that does not bode well. The crisis unit announces that at 18.00 on June 25th, 727 swabs were examined since the beginning of the screening (Saturday 20 June) in the red area of ​​Mondragone. Those positive results are 43. The crisis unit also specifies moreover , that the data provided daily, as has always been the case up to now, refer to the communications at 10 p.m. on the previous day.

There are, however, only three positive cases in Campania out of 1414 swabs examined the next day.“To date (last Friday)”, writes the region,“the total number of positives is 4,665 people, 272,874 the total number of swabs examined. No death is recorded (431 the total number of deaths) and three people recovered (the total is 4,070 of which 4,066 totally healed and 4 clinically healed) “. In short, something does not come back here. And, as Calderoli says, at least a little transparency is needed.