Cross accusations, chaos. Services sprout. And the app that tracks the infected is no longer there

But in short: what will become of Immuni? Because it took two ministers, a special Commissioner, a particular Commissioner, two heterogeneous task forces and 74 experts dumbed by the acceptance of a secrecy agreement, to combine a political chaos that will serve no purpose. If not to once again give an idea of ​​how the emergency is managed by this government.

So, the latest news from the grotesque story of the tracking app: the hearing in Copasir of the Minister of Innovation Paola Pisano and that in the Senate of Commissioner Domenico Arcuri, made the eyes and ears of those who saw and listened cross. Pisano recounted how the proposal arrived from the Milanese company Bending Spoons was chosen, pulling the Director of Dis Gennaro Vecchione in as a consent. On the other side Arcuri meanwhile denied being involved and sent the ball (and questions from parliamentarians) to Pisano and the Minister of Health Speranza, with the delicacy that everyone now recognizes (read Alessandro Gnocchi on another page on «liberalists from sofa with cocktail in hand “who asked for lights on the masks). In practice, one accuses the other, albeit implicitly, and in the middle, too, Vecchione got annoyed, replying that he knew nothing. So much so that Copasir called him in a hurry to testify. In the background the other commissioner, Vittorio Colao, who in the end seems to have decided him for everyone.

Don’t worry: if you haven’t understood anything so far, know that perhaps they are missing some information. First of all on a fact that is now certain: that all the work of the Pisano task force and the 74 silent experts is completely unusable. Since then Apple and Google intervened together, with an interoperability agreement of their systems and a program package that will be given to developers in the closed box. All privacy concerns therefore cease, given that Colao has already announced that this is the definitive path. And therefore the data of the people who download the app and realize that they are positive for the virus, will be anonymous, translated into codes that will only lead to the smartphone and not to the owner, sent to the server only voluntarily. There is no escape from here, but many seem to elude the government and Parliament.

The political chaos in fact now focuses on who has chosen between the two finalists (and who has chosen the finalists among the 393 finalists?), Or between two systems that had merits and gaps on the above topics. For example: Immuni was almost perfect at the beginning but did not “talk” between iPhones; the other – CovidApp – did but was not open enough to developers. Does it count for anything? By now nothing. Apple and Google have put things right, all that work of minds and experts is history. But even that didn’t stop the battle between the sides, with even Bending Spoons (the company that won the race) waiting for answers and receiving absurd accusations and worries in return.

In practice: while Pisano, Arcuri, Speranza, Colao, Copasir and Parliament, still cannot say exactly when the app will be operational and how it will be made useful, there is still talk about privacy, comparative tests, of servers centralized, personal data that could (how?) end up in the hands of the Chinese. And instead of a useless political case, a good graphic designer would be enough to «dress» the program and make it app. There are many around, will they make it?