Covid, veil on secrets: “All government minutes”

In the end the turning point came: the secret on the minutes of the Technical-scientific Committee on the period of the Coronavirus emergency was removed. The long-awaited and hoped-for decision came after days of harsh controversy against the Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who has been repeatedly accused of trying to hide from the Italians all the truth about the Dpcm used in the months of March and April. The government had appealed to the Council of State against the Tar’s decision to make public the proceedings secreted of the Cts of Civil Protection. The announcement was made by the Einaudi Foundation, which announced by means of a branch note that it had received the documentation in question from the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

It is a gesture that welcomes the infinite appeals of the past few hours: in this way they will prevail “information and transparency regarding elements of such relevance for the life of Italian citizens“. The lawyers Rocco Todero, Andrea Pruiti and Enzo Palumbo received the communication from the executive of the declassification the minutes of the Committee of experts. After thanking the premier “for the sensibility demonstrated“, the Foundation took the opportunity to underline that all the information obtained will be made public tomorrow”through its website“.

“Delays and omissions”

Copasir also intervened this afternoon, which had already asked the government to do so view the proceedings and yesterday heard the Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese in the hearing. “After his report, Lamorgese discussed the questions of the members in particular on the topic of any tensions social that could possibly occur in the last period of 2020“explained the President of the Parliamentary Security Committee Raffaele Volpi.

This morning Laura Stabile, through an urgent question to the lawyer, asked to explain as soon as possible in Parliament why in contrasting the spread of Covid-19 “there have been delays and omissions despite having national epidemic prevention plans“. The Senator of Come on Italy he also urged the Giallorossi to motivate the decision not to make the minutes of the Technical-Scientific Committee publicly available “which have influenced a lot in the life of Italian citizens in these months“The League also went on the attack, which in the person of Senator Maurizio Campari reiterated how citizens have the right to read the documentson the basis of which the decrees that limited their constitutional rights and freedoms were arranged“. The group of the Carroccio in the Senate wrote to the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati to implement all the necessary institutional initiatives”to allow parliamentarians to access documents, opinions and any document of the Civil Protection Technical-Scientific Committee and used by Conte to issue the Dpcm“.