Counterfeiting: lost revenue in Europe is 15 billion, 2.2 in Italy

A loss of 15 billion euros per year in the EU. This is one of the main effects of counterfeiting, which is increasingly widespread worldwide, which reduces the direct and indirect tax revenues of the various countries, also producing a non-payment of social contributions by illegal producers. For a total of 15 billion euros according to the calculation made by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (Euipo) which analyzes the extent of losses for national budgets. For Italy, the estimated losses amount to 2.2 billion euros with the spread of counterfeiting in four sectors in particular: cosmetics and personal care, the pharmaceutical sector, toys, wine and spirits. But, explains Euipo’s deputy executive director Andrea Di Carlo, “counterfeiting is not a European problem but a global one. In 2016, the volume of international trade in counterfeit products amounted to 460 billion euros, 3.3% of world trade. In 2013 it was 2.5% “.

The countries

China, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, the countries from which the most counterfeit products ever arrive. “Counterfeiting is not a victimless crime,” explains EUIPO executive director Christian Archambeau. Counterfeit products take businesses away from legitimate businesses and deprive governments of more than necessary revenue, as well as presenting obvious risks to users’ health and safety. Our collaboration with Europol also reveals that the proceeds from counterfeiting can also support serious forms of organized crime. To fully cope with this situation, concerted international action at all levels is required. ” Research conducted by the EUIPO and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) shows that 15% of all counterfeit products in international trade seized by customs authorities violate the intellectual property rights (IPR) of businesses located in Italy.

Missed sales

According to EUIPO estimates, unrealized sales in the EU amount to € 19 billion annually due to counterfeiting in the cosmetics and personal care sector, in the wine and spirits sector, in the pharmaceutical sector and in the pharmaceutical sector. games and toys. Counterfeit products are not subject to the same rigorous checks as authentic products intended to guarantee their safety for consumers or users. In particular, the lack of sales in the cosmetics and personal care sector has increased by over 2.5 billion euros since the last analysis of this series published by EUIPO in 2019, which represents the most significant increase among the sectors taken under exam. So much so that in the EU it is estimated that every year about 14.1% of sales in the cosmetics and personal care sector (EUR 9.6 billion) are not made due to the presence of counterfeit products. In Italy the percentage is 11.9%, equal to 935 million in lost sales every year, with an increase of 225 million compared to the latest estimate.