Coronaviruses will return to work more busy in the North than in the South, older than young – La Stampa

Who will return to work on Monday 4 May? According to labor consultants, they will be mainly over 50, more in the North than in other areas of Italy and will favor employees more than self-employed. There will be 4.4 million workers in total, while 2.7 will remain at home.

From May 4, 4.4 million return to work, but the measure is a paradox: that’s why

Industry will be the sector most affected. It will reopen 100% of production, with the majority share in the manufacturing sector.

“Paradoxically – the consultants underline – despite the national debate on the opportunity to make returns differentiated by age group in order to protect the older population, the latter will start working again before the young”. This is the distribution.

In the latest indications of the government measures it was said that agile work had to be promoted as much as possible, yet precisely for the type of employment (industry in the first place) the labor consultants underlined how this will be possible only for one worker out of three, 36, 6% to be precise. In the remaining case, the work will be resumed on site.

Finally, the return will mainly affect the areas most affected by the pandemic. Out of the 2.8 million Italians who will return to work in Northern Italy, those returning to Central and Southern Italy will be 812,000 and 822,000 respectively. In percentage terms: 68% in the North, 57.6% in the Center and 51.3% in the South. Among the regions that will return to work first are Emilia Romagna, Piedmont, Veneto, Marche and Lombardy (about 69%); then Valle d’Aosta (49.3%), Lazio (46.7%), Sicily (43.4%), Calabria (42.5%) and Sardinia (39.2%).

The difference between the contagion capacity of the coronavirus and the seasonal flu compared

The 2.7 million workers who will remain in lockdown mainly concern the catering (71.1%) and commerce (28.9%) sectors. Only 16.8% of these workers still confined to home could work in smart working. Especially young people will be forced to stay at home (21% of the under 30s against 13.1% of the 30-39 year olds, 10.3% of the 40-49 year olds and 8% of the over 50s); they will mainly be women: 14.3% of the employed women remain at home compared to 9.4% of men. And above all they will be autonomous (17.8%). Even in the geographical distribution, the South will still start late: out of 100 workers suspended, in fact, 29 are in the South, 22 in the Center and 49 in the North.

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