Coronavirus, unlock the organic law and the national plan on pesticides – La Stampa

A telematic meeting to start a discussion on Italy’s position with respect to the post 2020 CAP Reform. This is the request that the #CambiamoAgricoltura coalition sent to Minister Teresa Bellanova. Coordinated by the major environmental protection associations and organic farming associations, including Slow Food Italia, in September 2019, on the occasion of his inauguration, he had already made a first request to the minister on the same topic. The ongoing health emergency has made more evident the critical issues of our agri-food system on which the CAP has a significant impact, and it is from the relationship between this and the environment that we must begin to rethink it.

In the coming weeks and months, the new rules that will shape the European and Italian agriculture of the future will be discussed at European level, from the transitional regulation for the extension to 2022 of the current programming, to the amendments to the regulations for future programming. While at national level the preparation of the National Strategic Plan of the CAP is awaited, the approval of the National Law on organic agriculture and the presentation of the new National Action Plan for the sustainable use of plant protection products, whose procedures have been interrupted for months .

It is therefore time to restart the interrupted comparisons. In particular, the Agri-Fish Council meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, with the agenda for the discussion on the two EU strategies presented on 20 May, the 2030 Biodiversity Strategy and the “Farm to Fork” Strategy, together with the new Financial Framework of the Union that will have to guarantee the resources to achieve the ambitious objectives of the two strategies. The hope of the #CambiamoAgricoltura coalition is that the Italian government will fully support the specific objectives of the two Strategies, ensuring a sharing of their value to redirect the European Union’s agricultural policy.

At national level, the reactivation of the process for the drafting of the CAP national strategic plan is urgently needed, both from a technical and political point of view. The identification of the objectives of the next post-2020 CAP programming period must start from a strategic vision for the ecological transition of our agriculture, whose responsibility is exclusively political.