Coronavirus, one Italian out of two is afraid of losing his job

One Italian out of two is afraid of losing his job. And even more. 62%, convinced that in the coming months in our country there will be more unemployed. a study by Censis and Ugl, presented on Labor Day, to turn into everyone’s concerns about the economic effects of Coronavirus.

The study – carried out together with UGL for the 70th anniversary of the union – he also tells us that 57.1% of Italians are pessimistic about their future. 25.5% instead optimistic while 17.4% do not have clear ideas on this point.

According to Censis – which processed the data for March and April Eurobarometer, periodic surveys commissioned by the European commission – 70% of Italians rate cooperation in the European Union on the fight against Coronavirus as inadequate.

Instead, they stopped in February, and therefore before the emergency, the indications on the role of the state that for 88.6% of Italians a sort of appearance, with limited or no decision-making power. A feeling of distrust, we do not know if modified by the emergency of these weeks, which is more rooted among people with low educational qualifications (34.4%), low incomes (32.4%) and unemployed (30.9%) .

The latest figure directly concerns the client, the union. Again, the data stopped in February, before the emergency. 34.9% of Italians trust the union, with a higher percentage among graduates (38.3%) and among those with low incomes (38.6%). A figure that goes against the trend after years of decline and more or less successful attempts at disintermediation to cancel the role of the so-called intermediate bodies.