Coronavirus, from Monday the questions to regularize migrants in agriculture, there will be no click day – La Stampa

From Monday it will be possible to submit requests for the emergence of seasonal employment relationships for migrants with a residence permit expired on 31 October 2019 with the possibility of renewal lasting six months. Two different procedures regulate the submission of applications to the offices of the Ministry of the Interior according to the subjects involved. There is no click day: applications can in fact be submitted from June 1st to July 15th. The sectors concerned are agriculture, livestock and animal husbandry, fishing and aquaculture and related; assistance to the person for themselves or for members of their own family, even those not living together, suffering from pathologies or handicaps that limit their self-sufficiency; domestic work to support family needs. The procedure, at the one-stop shop for immigration set up in the prefectures, concerns employers operating in the sectors indicated who present an application in favor of non-EU citizens.

It is difficult to hypothesize how many regularization applications will be presented but in the meantime there are also those who resort to innovative solutions to solve the problem of lack of manpower in the fields. On Lake Garda an agreement between the owners of the Le Morette farm and the bus and coach rental company Peschiera Viaggi will bring fifteen drivers and the owner of the company to work in the vineyards of the company led by Fabio and Paolo Zenato. «It is a gesture of solidarity born spontaneously. – says Fabio Zenato – They needed to work and we needed help in the vineyard, since the people employed usually at this time are not in Italy ». First their ability to work in the fields was tested then a training course was started: «Now they take care of the shoot and manage the foliage of the vineyard and, later in case of need, they will also help us during the harvest period» . Marco Cossolutto, owner of Peschiera Viaggi, sees it this way: «We will return to make our buses travel on the roads throughout Italy, but in the meantime we have found a rewarding solution – 7 euros an hour the agreed fee – to pass this terrible period and to do it together”.