Coronavirus, Confindustria warns Conte: reopen or collapse

No second thoughts. The controversy does not move the Prime Minister, who confirms the plan for phase 2, with the prudent and partial release of the lockdown until 18 May. “We are not in a position to loosen,” repeats Giuseppe Conte like a mantra, who in less than 24 hours returns to turn the heart of the North, first in Milan, Brescia, Bergamo and Lodi and then in Genoa, for the laying of the last span of the new Genoa Bridge. His response to the fire in a row of those who, in these 50 days, have tried to impallinarlo – see under the heading League – to knock him off the tower of approval. The premier tries to stop with his hands all attempts to jump forward of some regions, more and more tempted to reactivate the productive heart well before the green light arrives from Rome.

“I am sorry for those citizens who were disappointed, I am the first who would like to relax the measures but for now we must continue like this, our main objective is the protection of health”, he says to reporters (perhaps a little too close to each other, and not by choice). “We cannot afford to proceed with recklessness and improvisation and for this the work of experts and technicians has been precious”. The reference is to the study of the Technical-scientific Committee which promises a surge in infections of up to 151 thousand hospitalizations in intensive care, if the lock had been opened unconditionally. Numbers that do not scare the Regions. But if Attilio Fontana seems to put the brakes on in Lombardy by admitting that the road taken by the government is “the right one”, the governor of Veneto, Luca Zaia, is also ready to fight with the executive. So much to announce publicly that we have no intention of retracing his steps: “The ordinances that I have signed will not revoke them, if someone says that the appeals are illegitimate”.

A stance that has a few safe recipients. One of these is the Minister of Regional Affairs, Francesco Boccia, who clearly suggests that he wants to bring the theme to the CDM: “In the second phase, everything can be done, except having more openings, because it would be irresponsible”. The exponent of the Democratic Party warns: “Whoever opens more than what the State has said, takes responsibility for it before its citizens and before the Italians”.

The Sword of Damocles of liturgical celebrations also hangs over the head of government, after the CEI’s invitation. Ride from the oppositions, but also from Italy alive. Conte, however, finds ‘oxygen’ from Pope Francis himself, who calls for “prudence and obedience to the provisions, so that the pandemic does not return”. Some extra prayers will help him to face phase 2, above all to protect himself from the arrows of the productive world. Confindustria estimates a contraction of the GDP of another 0.75% and warns: “The reopening of the activities is necessary to avoid a further economic meltdown, the economic cost paid by the country so far is very high”.

Alarm bells that add to the discontent of the communities, repeatedly brought to the table in Palazzo Chigi by local authorities, municipalities and provinces in the lead. So much so that UPI urges the government to maintain its commitment to set up a 3.5 billion fund to cover tax revenue losses. The topic will be at the center of the final debate on the April decree, the second that addresses the emergency from an economic point of view. And also on this Count an important slice of the future is played.