Coronavirus, all the 5S lies about Lombardy

“It ends badly here …”. In the Chamber, this morning, Giancarlo Giorgetti it was a real fury. And not just because the intervention of the Five Star MP, Riccardo Ricciardi, after the information of the premier Giuseppe Conte on “phase 2”, he called it in first person, but because those words have plagued the Lombardy Region, which most of all has fought the coronavirus epidemic in the front line, and the thousands of deaths that is still crying. The point is that the invective of the grill in Montecitorio is not only ideological, but it is also full of lies.

The tone is the scornful one that distinguishes it in Five Stars. They are always the first to point the finger. Today they did it against the “Lombardia model”, a panacea – according to them – of the victims of the coronavirus. An accusation so absurd and straightforward that it triggered a harsh reaction from center-right parliamentarians, the Northern League primarily.“Buffoon jester!”, they shouted against the pentastellato.“Get your hands off Lombardy!”. In the courtroom the fight was almost touched because of the lies told by the grill (watch the video). Before, he got angry with the hospital built at the fair in record time when the pressure of the health emergency was skyrocketing.“They spent 21 million for 25 patients – he thundered – this is how the tax and Lombard citizens’ money was spent! And Rome has not spent it as a thief, Lombardy has spent it”. Too bad it was the government, with one circular of March 1st of the Ministry of Health, to ask all Regions to increase their ICU positions by 50 percent. All had done their part in the area: from the Spedali Civili of Brescia to San Matteo of Pavia, from Pope Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo to the hospital of Cremona, they all ran to increase beds in intensive care, to recover the fans and to stock up of personal protective equipment (Dpi). Private clinics also came on the pitch, with 334 reanimation posts and 8,383 more beds for acute cases. Yet it all seemed unnecessary or otherwise insufficient. Even when there were 600 Covid patients in Cremona and ICU places had increased to 58 (eight of them placed in the field hospital created in three days by Samaritan’s Purse volunteers), the situation was collapsing. So much so that extra-regional transfers had been arranged.

[video 1864576]

For Ricciardi the emergency in Lombardy is to be found in the policies of the former governor Roberto Formigoni, who has“cut, in just over twenty years, 25 thousand public beds, allocating 40 percent of resources to private health”. And the delays caused by the errors contained in the government papers? The (wrong) standards on the type of patient to swab? The ban on autopsies on coronavirus victims? Without these directives, perhaps, the Codogno hospital would have discovered a few days before that Mattia Mestri he had been infected. Perhaps, the Lombard doctors, who fought in the front line, would have understood first the importance of heparin to defeat the thrombosis caused by the coronavirus. And what about the missed red areas in the Bergamo municipalities of Alzano Lombardo and Nembro and in the Brescia area of ​​Orzinuovi? Oh yes theCollege of Health he had already warned them in early March that the situation was getting really bad. Delays in the executive delayed an already written decision of at least a week. On the other hand, as revealed by Republic, in the government the grillini were the most riotous at the idea of ​​the lockdown.

The last bale of Ricciardi has invested the management of the Rsa.“So, the resolution of the region Lombardy at the beginning of March, the president Luca Degani, his words, the trade association that brings together about 400 rest homes, asks us to host patients with the Covid-19 symptoms, it was like lighting a match in a haystack … “. Too bad that even this reading on nursing homes is at least imaginative. In the meantime, Pirellone’s decision is the result of the emergency, and it was intended to “quickly free up Intensive and Sub Intensive Care beds” to avoid other ecatombi. Perhaps this detail should be remembered before pointing the finger. In addition, the Region asked ATS to identify only and exclusively the Rsa with “structures autonomous from the structural point of view (pavilion separate from the others or physically independent structure) and from the organizational point of view”. Not all, then. No match in a haystack. This is demonstrated by the fact that the RSAs incapable of guaranteeing the required requirements did not host any infected, such as the “Gerosa Brichetto” in via Mecenate in Milan. Instead he welcomed it structure of Cremona Solidarity, in the city led by the center-left, whose mayor first criticized the Lombard management of the RSA and found himself in the belly of a company that followed the much criticized directive of Gallera & Co. Wasn’t it all Fontana & co’s fault?

The Senator Ricciardi however, it must be acknowledged that the M5S has not encountered any controversy over the regional emergency management. It’s true. But the reason is simple: the grillini don’t even manage one. “Only those who make mistakes “, said an old adage. And they at regional level have not “done” and therefore have not “wrong”. But I’m in government. And there can be countless errors there.