Coronavirus, 772.3 million hours of layoffs authorized: + 2,953% compared to April 2019 – La Stampa

Between ordinary, extraordinary and derogation, INPS authorized 772.3 million hours of redundancy in April, 98% for the Covid emergency. An enormous factor considering that in the same month last year these were “just” 25.3 million. It means that the increase was 2,953%.

The hours of ordinary cash exchange were 713 million; a year earlier, in April 2019, it had been 7.4 million, so just over a cent. 605.2 million hours were authorized in the Industry sector (compared to 5.7 million in April 2019) and 107.8 million hours in the Construction sector (compared to 1.8 million in April 2019). The hours authorized in the month of April 2020 are also enormous compared to what was recorded in the previous month, where 12.7 million hours were authorized, emphasizes the INPS. The number of hours of extraordinary layoffs authorized in April 2020 was 12.4 million, of which 2.3 million in solidarity, recording a decrease of 30.3% compared to the same month of the previous year, which recorded 17.9 million hours authorized. In April 2020 compared to the previous month there was a cyclical change equal to + 71.6%. The interventions in derogation were equal to 46.9 million hours authorized in April 2020: in the same month of 2019 only 20 thousand hours had been authorized, and with reference to the previous month, i.e. in March 2020, the authorized hours were significant even lower (about 2,000 hours).

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Inps also announced the payment of 600 euros to self-employed workers. Payments credited to current accounts today concern:

  • 957,000 self-employed workers
  • 239,000 fixed-term farm workers
  • 106,000 professionals with VAT number and Cococo employees
  • 75,000 seasonal workers in tourism and spas

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The payments will be distributed over three working days due to the technical constraints of the operation of the national interbank network which allows the management of no more than 2.2 million transfers per day. Tomorrow’s day was almost entirely committed to payments already planned by other public administrations. The 190,000 workers who chose the cash payment when applying in April will be paid as follows: 74,000 on May 26, 19,000 on May 27 and 97,000 on May 28. To collect the second installment of the allowance, workers can go to any post office equipped with the communication they will receive from the Italian Post, as well as the identity document and the tax code.

For show business workers, the latest decree instead provided for the expansion of the audience of beneficiaries to all those who in 2019 received at least 7 insured days and an income of less than 35,000 euros. In addition to the second installment of April, a third installment was added in May (600 euros). The right to the second and third installments is subject to verification of the absence of a subordinate employment relationship or of a pension treatment on 19 May, therefore the INSP is required to check also for applications received in April and, afterwards, arrange the payments of the two installments.

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