Coronavirus: 330 killed in New York in the last 24 hours – North America


One and a half billion people, almost half of the workforce in the world, could lose their livelihoods due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The alarm was triggered by the World Labor Organization (ILO) in a report that the drop in hours worked in the second quarter of 2020 is worse than previously estimated due to the persistence of the lockdown.

There are 330 victims of the coronavirus a New York in the last 24 hours. This was announced by Governor Andrew Cuomo who, despite a stabilization in the last few days, called the number “still terribly high”

The dead for coronavirus in the United States there have been 2,200 in the last 24 hours. The cases are 1.01 million. This is what emerges from the data of John Hopkins University. The death toll for Covid-19 exceeds that of the Vietnam war: 58,265 compared to the 58,220 victims in the 20 years of war between 1955 and 1975 in Vietnam.

Meanwhile, they are beyond three million are infected worldwide, According to a calculation by Johns Hopkins University. The number of confirmed cases is exactly 3,083,467, the dead are 213,273. The most affected country is the United States.

SWITZERLAND – In Switzerland, restaurants, bars, museums and libraries will be able to welcome customers and visitors again from 11 May. The government announced it today. The Swiss executive had already set the same date for the reopening of shops, markets and compulsory schools as part of the easing stages of the measures against coronavirus. The catering establishments will be able to reopen their doors, but in compliance with severe conditions. In a first phase, a maximum of four people or two parents accompanied by their children will be admitted to a table. All guests must be seated and a distance of two meters must be maintained between the different groups or separate elements must be added, specifies a statement. The rules of social distancing and hygiene must also be respected in the future. In addition, restrictions on entry into Switzerland will be progressively relaxed from 11 May. The government will decide on further easing in the session on 27 May. Switzerland has so far recorded a total of 29,407 laboratory confirmed cases, with an increase of 143 cases in the past 24 hours, and a total of 1,408 deaths in relation to Covid-19.

SERBIA – In Serbia there is a linear and constant trend both in the curve of the coronavirus infection and in the number of deaths. The latest data released today by the health authorities speak of 227 new cases of infection that bring the total to 8,724, while in the last 24 hours five other deaths have been recorded, three men and two women, with the number of victims rising to 173. In about thirty nursing homes across the country, 570 guests and 131 employees were infected. The healed were 1,292 in all. There are currently 2,470 patients hospitalized, 78 of whom are in intensive care with a respirator. Since yesterday, 5,579 tests have been carried out, with the positivity coefficient at 4%. In total, since the beginning of the epidemic, the tests have been 78,942 in Serbia. The cities with the highest number of infections are the capital Belgrade with 27.3% and Nis with 15.3%. According to epidemiologists and specialists, the contagious potential of the virus in the country is gradually decreasing.

PERU’ Peru’s Justice and Human Rights Minister Fernando Castaneda reported that 1,432 tests were performed to diagnose new coronavirus on detainees in prisons across the country and that 645 tested positive. According to the newspaper El Comercio, the minister explained that of the total number of positive prisoners, the majority are isolated in special areas of prisons. “There are 579 blocks in prisons, a large part relates to Sarita Colonia prison. There are 36 inmates hospitalized and another 30 inmates died for Covid-19,” said Castaneda.

KENYA – Entry into and exit from two large refugee camps in Kenya, which are home to around 400,000 people, are now prohibited to contain the spread of the coronavirius epidemic, announced the Kenyan interior minister, Fred Matiangi. The bans, the minister said on Twitter, concern the Dadaab refugee camp in the east, which is home to 217,000 people, and the Kakuma refugee camp in the northwest, where 190,000 people live. Kenya, which has recorded 384 coronavirus cases since March 13, has not yet reported any cases in the two camps, which house refugees from Somalia, South Sudan and Ethiopia, some of whom have lived there for two decades. However, humanitarian agencies have warned that an epidemic in these overcrowded camps would be disastrous. “A possible coronavirus epidemic would be a disaster, with a quarantine capacity for only 2,000 people on site and a single Covid-19 health center with 110 beds for over 270,000 people,” in Dadaab, said Philippa Crosland-Taylor from Geneva Care organization.

BOSNIA – In Bosnia and Herzegovina, health managers reported a sudden increase in coronavirus infections after partial relaxation in both entities (Republika Srpska and Croatian-Muslim Federation) of some of the restrictions imposed for the Covid-19 epidemic. As Republika Minister of Health Srpska Alen Seranic said, quoted by the local media, 94 new infections have been reported across the country in the past few hours, a much higher number than the average of the past few days. For the minister, it is the consequence of a less careful and rigorous behavior by citizens, many of whom no longer wear a protective mask. To date, 1,651 coronavirus cases have occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with 64 deaths.

HOLLAND – In the Netherlands in the last 24 hours there are 145 deaths and 386 other new coronavirus infections. Instead, there are 76 hospitalizations. Overall, the Netherlands has 4,711 deaths, 38,802 infections and 10,685 hospitalizations. However, not all reported people have been hospitalized or died in the past 24 hours. Some patients are reported later. Therefore, the data of the previous days are often integrated. This can be seen, writes the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment Rivm, even after this weekend and after King’s Day, mainly in the death toll. The Rivm service also points out that the figures for the past few days correspond to the picture that the measures are working. The number of new reports per day of hospitalized patients is still decreasing and the same is true for the number of reported deceased patients.

DENMARK – Denmark, which has progressively relaxed the restrictions imposed to combat the spread of coronavirus, has managed to “control” the spread of the virus. Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said it today. “The infection is under control and the Danish strategy has succeeded in a difficult first phase,” said Frederiksen in parliament. The first reopenings in the country involved kindergartens and schools (not high schools), while hairdressers and tattoo artists also reopened. The second phase of reopening should begin on May 10th. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Denmark there have been 9,206 covid-19 cases and 443 virus-related deaths.

SWITZERLAND – In Switzerland, health authorities have said that children under 10 years old can hug grandparents because they “do not transmit the virus”. The BBC announced it. The head of the infectious diseases department of the ministry of health, Daniel Koch, explained that the guidelines on this topic were revised after a consultation with experts from the universities of Zurich, Bern and Geneva. “Young children are not infected and do not transmit the virus,” said Koch. “They simply don’t have the receptors to catch the disease.” The new recommendation only applies to young children who show no signs of disease. In any case, Dr. Koch advised only “a short contact with the grandchildren”, not family reunions, nor spending time away from home together. However, not all experts share these conclusions. According to the main German virologist, Christian Drosten, there is insufficient data to conclude that young children cannot transmit the coronavirus

SPAIN – Spain has recorded 325 coronavirus-related deaths in the past 24 hours, about 8% more than the 310 of the previous day, for a total of 24,275: the country’s Ministry of Health announced today, according to reports El Pais. At the same time, 6,399 people were healed, the highest level since the start of the crisis. “We are in a very serious economic and social situation,” said Premier Pedro Sanchez this morning.

BELGIUM – In the last 24 hours in Belgium there have been 170 deaths which lead to a total of 7,501 deaths due to the coronavirus, of which 103 in Flanders, 55 in Wallonia and 12 in Brussels. Health authorities reported in the usual press conference. There have been 525 new infections. There have been 174 new hospitalizations since yesterday, indicated the Crisis Center and the Spf Santé publique, which has increased compared to the past few days. In parallel, 340 patients were discharged

RUSSIA – Almost 100,000 cases have been registered in Russia since the outbreak. 5,841 new infections were announced this morning in the last 24 hours, less than 6,411 yesterday, but which have so far increased the number of Covid-19 cases to 99,399. Still according to official data, the victims of the new virus in Russia are 972, of which 108 died on the last day. 1,830 people have been discharged from hospitals in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of people recovered to 10,286. This was announced by the anti-coronavirus operations center taken over by the Russian state news agency Tass.

INDIA – Coronavirus cases in India rose to 31,329 yesterday, with 1007 deaths since the beginning of the infection, according to data released by the Ministry of Health. Yesterday, the highest number of deaths occurred in a single day, 74 against 54 recorded in the previous 24 hours. The last week has seen an exponential leap of infections: 10 thousand more in just seven days. The highest peaks are in Gujarat and Maharasthra, the two states that have seen cases double: Mumbai alone, the country’s financial capital and the capital of Maharasthra, has almost 6,000 of the more than 9,000 registered in the state

SOUTH KOREA- South Korea recorded 9 more cases of coronavirus infections on Tuesday, of which 5 imported, raising the total to 10,761: for 11 days in a row, infections reached 15 or less, according to data from Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The alert from the health authorities remains on the holidays that already see a long weekend starting tomorrow with Buddha’s Birthday, followed by the Labor Day of May 1st and the Children’s Day of May 5th. Imported cases rose to 1,061, while deaths grew by two more units, to 246. The healed increased to 8,922, 68 more than on Monday.

CHINA – China recorded 22 new cases of coronaviruses on Tuesday, including 21 imported and one domestic, in Guangdong: the National Health Commission (NHC), which excluded other deaths, brought the total infections to 82,858, of which 647 still in care and 77,578 healed, while 4,633 confirmed dead. Imported cases rose to 1,660, of which 1,107 discharged from hospitals and 553 still under medical treatment, with 22 in serious conditions. The new asymptomatic confirmed are 26, including 5 imported: in total the cases have risen to 993, all under medical observation.

IRAN -Coronavirus cases in Iran rise to 93,657, with 1,073 infections in the last 24 hours. There are 80 new deaths, for a total of 5,957 victims confirmed since the start of the pandemic. The data recorded on infections and deaths remain substantially stable. Seriously ill patients drop to 2,965, while recovered patients grow to 73,791. The total tests carried out amount to 453,386. The spokesman for the Iranian Ministry of Health Kianoush Jahanpour reports,

ISRAEL – The cases of infection in Israel have risen from the beginning of the epidemic to 15,782 while the deaths, with two new registered deaths, have become 212. The data were disclosed by the ministry of health according to which the new cases in the last There were 193 hours. At the same time, the ministry stressed that to date, apart from the deaths, the total number of people cured of the virus, or 7,929 people, has exceeded the number of sick people, 7,641. Of the latter, 120 are in serious condition.

PAKISTAN – The daily death toll from coronavirus in Pakistan has marked a record in the past 24 hours of 26 deaths, the highest level since the epidemic broke out in the country on February 26 last year. To date, Pakistan thus records a total of 327 deaths against 14,885 cases. This is what emerges from the official data released today.


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