Conte writes to the center-right: “Meeting for the relaunch”

During the health emergency, the premier Giuseppe Conte he always seemed rather reluctant to start a real dialogue with the opposition on how to manage the lockdown phase and the inevitable economic repercussions caused by the stop to almost all activities.

Moreover, in that difficult period the Prime Minister enjoyed a strong popularity as he was, between press conferences and dcpm various, the media attention was concentrated. But nothing lasts forever. In “phase 2” first and in “3” then, the liking of With you it started to drop, as did the one for the government. Among Italians, the fear of coronavirus has left room for anxiety about how to get to the end of the month.

And so the premier in difficulty, even for the disputes in the majority that support him, has thought of turning to the opposition parties to start a dialogue on how to get out of the crisis. Forza Italia announced the change of pace by Palazzo Chigi through a note. The party led by Silvio Berlusconi“it is of course, as from the beginning of the crisis, open to confrontation”.The document also highlights that the blues will participate in the meeting “together with Lega and Fdi”,a way also to emphasize cohesion in the center-right, and which they will hand over to the government“a full-bodied dossier of proposals designed to restart the country and make the best use of the huge European resources made available to Italy”.

Conte addressed the invitation to a confrontation, always through a letter, also to Matteo Salvini it’s at Giorgia Meloni. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia explained that she had received a letter“with whom Giuseppe Conte invites me to meet him. We have been waiting for an appointment for about two weeks but he has sent me the letter to tell me that he would like to meet me and I reiterated that we are available”.Meloni, however, freezes the premier. In a decidedly controversial way, Meloni recalled the behavior that Conte has had in the last few days:“Since we have to see if he sends us an elaborate document at the end of these 10 days of General states… so we talk not about the sex of angels but about concrete things, on which Fdi is always available “.

Brothers of Italy, together with the League, had refused to participate in the General States, considering the location of the meetings, Villa Pamphilj, were a place“non-institutional”. At the same time, the two parties also pointed out that they would have had a confrontation with the premier if he had been held at Palazzo Chigi.