Conte leaves for Europe and shows up with the Merkel gift

Giuseppe Conte he leaves for his European tour with only one certainty: having fulfilled (and only partially) the orders of Angela Merkel. And that is to have obtained the approval of the draft of Simplifications decree, with which the prime minister can now appear in Europe saying that Italy is able to do “homework”. Right or wrong they are, this evidently does not count from the parts of Palazzo Chigi, because the real knot was to make Europe understand (and in particular Germany) to be able to approve something requested by Berlin and the EU quickly in order to make understand the countries that are most riotous towards European aid that would have made the required reforms in Rome. All to avoid the Mes, say the hopeful grillini. But it should be read in another way: all to please Merkel, who had also asked her ally Conte by phone to bring the simplifications dl as certification of the Italian goodwill not to pull too tight on the rope, in order to make it less difficult for the Chancellor the acceptance of the Recovery by the frugal.

With this gift to Europe – for Italy, however, it is difficult to consider it as such – Conte leaves for his mini continental tour. Journey that starts from Portugal and ends in Germany next Monday, precisely with a meeting with the uncontested dominus of European politics. As if to complete a metaphorical journey, from the anti-austerity left (but who did his homework well) to the teacher who gives lessons and shows the way to Italy and the Old Continent. The journey will end with the delivery of the trophy. Of course, Merkel would always want something more. The Mes has not been approved by Italy despite the fact that Europe has done everything to sew it according to the requests of Rome. The pensions they remain a crucial point of the sustainability of the Italian public debt but for now the government – tactically – has decided to avoid interventions that would collapse the already fragile internal cohesion and the popularity of the premier. But given that from Berlin they have already made it clear that they have no desire to see an Italy voting with the risk of a center-right majority parliament, they also agreed to wait on the other guarantees front, provided that Conte presented himself with something: in fact Simplification dl.

It goes without saying that the decree given birth during the night is certainly not what is really required by Europe in terms of the real revival of Italy. Among other things, it never seems to have really been of paramount importance for Berlin or for the penalty takers. The dl is only an approved tool to ensure that Conte did not leave the image of an Italy that would not have moved the waters in view of the negotiations.

But, as mentioned, the real direction is not Italian, but German. That’s all Conte’s European tour will serve to find a quadra with Spain and Portugal and then present themselves to Angela Merkel with a proposal consistent with the desired Germanic. First stop in Lisbon, then in Madrid, the premier will try to team up with Pedro Sanchez is Antonio Costa after Emmanuel Macron – first standard bearer of the Mediterranean proposals – slipped out of the Recovery and Mes issue. On the state-saving fund, the French president made it clear that he did not want to pull too tight on Germany as long as his ally Merkel sat on the throne of Berlin and Brussels simultaneously. And right now Paris has other problems to think about leading the Mediterranean bloc in the challenge to Northern Europe: better to take off and let the chancellor find the square between Northern and Southern Europe, with Conte trying to transform himself into the champion of the rights of Southern Europe.

A paladin who, however, risks, in spite of himself, of becoming the weapon of another champion: precisely Frau Merkel. The prime minister is not really able to present himself as the guide of an opposition front to the “frugal” ones, but as a mere representative of those who have performed well (or well) the tasks required by the European capitals. Otherwise, the enthusiasm for the simplification decree, defined by the Count himself as “the basis for our Recovery plan“. In reality, not so much “ours” since Germany wants it at any cost. Italy has been asked to pay for it, and the price has been precisely a decree on which the opposition has already expressed itself with a clear condemnation. But Europe needed this decree. Palazzo Chigi replied “I obey”: that it is concretely useful to Italy is a problem that does not seem to have much weight.