Conte guarantees the loan to Travaglio – Il Tempo

A 2.5 million loan from Unicredit to the publishing company of Il Fatto Quotidiano with a guarantee linked to the Liquidity Decree

The Fact Quotidiano by Marco Travaglio is also financed with loans guaranteed by the State and launched with the Liquidity decree of Giuseppe Conte. The publishing house of the Fact, Seif, has in fact signed a loan of 2.5 million euros with a decree with a 90% guarantee from the Central Guarantee Fund. The sum will be returned in sixty months. The financing, the company said in a statement, “will support the industrial development project” of the newspaper. In a first note it was explained that the loan would be guaranteed by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, and therefore theoretically it would not be directly linked to the Liquidity decree. Then, however, the correction came. The money that will arrive in the coffers of Travaglio and members will be precisely those guaranteed through the government provision. Therefore, even if he doesn’t want to, he will end up helping a “friendly” newspaper. When luck is said …