Conte extends the powers: “State of emergency until October”

It was January 31, 2020 when the Italian government proclaimed it state of emergency national health care due to the pandemic epidemic of coronavirus: Covid-19’s nightmare was just beginning. Today, a few days after the natural expiration (six months) of the state of emergency, the Giallorossi executive aims to extend the alert for another three months, extending it until 15 October (initially it was spoken of 31 October, then the mediation).

The Council of Ministers met today, but the Giallorossi summit has not adopted any resolution on the state of emergency, but has given the go-ahead to the intention to extend the alarm for another ninety days, effectively canceling the deadline on Friday. July 31.

At 16:30 the Prime Minister Giuseppe With you peeked in the Palazzo Madama hemicycle for “communications on further initiatives in relation to the Covid-19 emergency” and to obtain the ok from Senate, where the numerical margin of the Giallorossi is narrow. Tomorrow, however, the Chamber of Deputies will express itself, where the numbers for the Giallorossi are less in the balance.

“In view of the imminent expiration of the state of emergency, I believe it is right to share this decision with Parliament. In the CDM we examined the issue of any extension the state of emergency and its implications: it would be incongruous to suspend the measures adopted, for an event such as a pandemic, a process in continuous and unpredictable evolution. There pandemic has not yet exhausted its effects “, premier Conte began and added:“If we did not extend the state of emergency, the ordinances and restrictions that led us to limit and manage this emergency would cease to have effect. If we took responsibility for not extending the state of emergency, we must be aware that the ordinances would cease to apply. and 38 ordinances have been adopted and consequent implementing measures “.

“The extension is a faculty expressed by law”, the self-styled people’s lawyer continues, who to corroborate the decision to lengthen thealert decide to remember how 154 emergency declarations have been made since 2014, 84 of which have been further extended:“It would be incongruous to suspend the effectiveness of the measures taken”. So he says clearly that the extension of the state of emergency is “inevitable and obligatory”. On the knot of extra-order powers to the government and to Palazzo Chigi, Conte spent the following consideration:“It is not so, it is a misunderstanding.” The paradoxical legal thesis according to which it would have been more correct to proceed with orders from the Minister of Health was supported. The extension of the state of emergency does not affect the powers of the government. The government wants to ensure a safer country for all “.

In the end, the Senate approved with 281 yes, no objection and 3 abstentions a part of the center-right motion on the extension of the state of emergency, put to the vote separately, in which the involvement of the regions concerned or the president of the State Conference is expected. Regions.