Confessions of politicians “Bonus got, try us …”

The storm does not subside bonus 600 euros developed by the government to help holders of a VAT number in difficulty and also received by some members of parliament and local representatives of politics. While the “hunt” for the names of the 5 deputies who would have benefited from the social shock absorber continues, another city councilor has decided to follow the example of Anita Pirovano, councilor of the municipality of Milan, and to report himself.

Responding to the post published on Facebok by the representative of “Progressive Milan”, Jacopo Zannini, councilor for the municipality of Trento belonging to the group “The Other Trento on the Left” he has declared:“Thanks Anita Pirovano. I am in the City Council in Trento and I also do not live on politics alone, I pay the rent every month and for March and April I was out of work and I asked for 600 euros like you, since with attendance fees I wouldn’t have made it to the end of the month … and it’s right to claim it. “

An intervention, that of Zannini, which received the understanding of a user, who commented:“Jacopo your situation is different from what I think I understand”.“Certainly very different but I say it to avoid demagogy”was the reply of the Trento councilor.

Interviewed by “Radio Capital”, the same Anita Pirovano he once again reiterated what he said in his post left on social media.“I am a city councilor, not a parliamentarian or a regional councilor or regional councilor. What is perceived in terms of economic recognition is substantially different. MPs and from the regional councilors we do not take an allowance, but attendance fees. I earn well under thirty thousand euros gross, since I donate part of the tokens as a director. If they had put an Isee roof to access this shock absorber, as they should have, I could have benefited from it. I made my situation explicit not to justify the five parliamentarians, but to make it even more explicit that they did something absurd, wrong “, he explained, as reported by “LaPresse”.

His condition, like that of his colleagues, is therefore not comparable to that of parliamentarians.“We must explain to citizens that not all politics is the same, that being a parliamentarian is very different from being a city councilor. I have claimed what I have done, I have no ethical problems in proving my reasons. I hope that they too, that they will have a harder time finding ethical justifications, come out and apologize to the Italians resign because they got the wrong job “Pirovano added. When asked if she too would now be willing to resign, the councilor then replied:“In general I do not take orders, but I would think about it. Maybe more if my constituents asked me. At the moment the reactions to my post on facebook are of thanks, there are those who say thank you for showing that politics is above all service and not earnings “.

Pirovano says she is ready for confrontation even if she is asked to return the bonus, and she is sure she has not made any mistakes:“I was not wrong, I work as a psychologist and it is my main activity, and having had like everyone a situation difficulty in recent months I have asked to access a measure that existed. If I had been rich I would not have asked “he concluded.

A municipal councilor from Ancona also joined the choir, Francesco Rubini, who responds harshly to criticism:“I am 29 years old, I am a young precarious lawyer with a VAT number open in 2019 and I am a city councilor in the municipality of Ancona where I receive coin attendance (no salary, allowance, reimbursements, benefits etc, etc) for an average of 600/700 euros per month. I asked for and received the € 600 bonus for freelancers because, despite a master’s degree, a lawyer title, a noble profession and an institutional role in a capital city, I am still forced to struggle to have a decent monthly income “, stated, as reported by “LaPresse”. Then, the provocation:“Now, dear populist by scruff, professional haters, keyboard lions and various buffoons, come and get me to try me in the public square in your ridiculous war against ‘political thieves’. I am waiting for you with open arms “.

The regional councilor of Forza Italia is also added to the list Franco Mattiussi, who revealed that he had claimed the same bonus.“I also used that money to make ends meet that in any case had to be paid. Because despite everything being stopped, bills kept coming. So, calm down. Cold blood and rationality. That pointing the finger is all too easy. Seeing the moon a ‘ else”, said the well-known hotel keeper on his Facebook page.“I understand the simplicity of anti-politics. I understand the heat and, perhaps, a certain social anger, which some help to mount. Maybe not too justified by seaside photos”, Mattiussi continued.“I understand the call to morality. But I struggle to see a definition completed in this time. The parliamentarians as well as various and possible regional mayors and councilors who requested the INPS bonus have not stolen anything, but have exercised their right. a certain sense, taking advantage of a law that allowed it. Having a VAT number presupposes the existence of self-employment parallel to the political figure covered “.

Mattiussi, which manages various structures (including, as mentioned by Courier Veneto, the Patriarchi hotel restaurant in Aquileia, the Ai Cjastinars hotel restaurant in Villa Vicentina, the Aquila Nera hotel and the Cjapitul bar both still in Aquileia), would have used the bonus“putting it in the company coffers”. Mattiussi’s profile was studded with messages from indignant users:“Shame on you”, “Shameless people in this as probably on other occasions”, “I will not vote for you anymore”, “I feel sick towards you” “6300 euros gross months, 2400 net tax free, 17400 gross and she needed 600 euros?”. A reaction that prompted the hotelier to reply.“I’m reading some civilian comments and some less related to my admission. I chose, as always, the transparency. But here a paradox is being born: if my company causes a lockdown it has a loss of income close to 300,000 euros and the state – to which I regularly pay taxes – recognizes me 600 euros in two months, there is nothing to justify. Rather”, explained the director of Forza Italia certain of his facts.

Early confessions brought other politicians out into the open.“In those months of lockdown, the home loan, the rent for the law firm, the installment for the car, the bills for consumption did not have any suspension … So I want to be transparent up to the point: I have requested and obtained, as well as 142,000 lawyers in Italy, the professional bonus linked to Covid-19 simply because I was entitled to it and I had it need, explained on Facebook the city councilor of Lamezia Terme Rosario Piccioni, who had also been in the running for the seat of mayor.“600 euros for the month of March and 600 euros for the month of April. And I don’t ashamed: because by profession I am a lawyer and not a politician “. A reason that has now infected those who have requested the bonus.“And everyone knows that justice, as well as many sectors, was completely paralyzed in the months of March and April and we lawyers did not work: we did not carry out lawsuits and we could not receive clients”he concluded.

I learn from the internet that mayors and municipal councilors who have requested the 600 euros from INPS must be considered ‘crafty’ “, the mayor of Solbiate con Cagno (Como) makes his debut.“Well, for great transparency I do not wait for someone to leak news, nor for INPS to publish the names, but I prefer to say right away that, despite being the mayor of a small town, I asked for the 600 euro bonus as a freelancer. I did it to steal something, but for a simple and clear reason: after the last invoice on February 26, in March, April and May I billed ZERO with my VAT number, explained the mayor.“Whoever wants to see my financial situation, has my maximum availability. I have very little to hide. I close very quickly: if someone proves me that I am really wrong (as many, it seems), willing to give back, but up to that but until that moment we avoid making a bundle of a whole grass as always “, Federico Broggi added.