Coldiretti: wine, oil and pasta, exports for 3 billion on the black list of Trump duties

The definitive list of European products and countries under attack by the new duties of the President of the United States Donald Trump has been published, which for Italy affects 2/3 of the value of agri-food exports and extends among other things wine, oil and pasta Made in Italy in addition to some types of biscuits and coffee exported to the United States for a total value of approximately 3 billion euros.

Coldiretti underlines the official announcement on the US Department of Commerce (USTR) website of the start on June 26 of the public consultation procedure for the revision of the tariffs to be applied and of the list of European products affected by additional duties following the dispute on aid to the aviation sector. As part of the EU support for Airbus, the USA – Coldiretti underlines – have been authorized to apply sanctions to the European Union for a maximum limit of 7.5 billion dollars by the WTO, which should however soon speak on the parallel dispute for US funding to Boeing which it would give to Brussels