Coldiretti: the lockdown at Christmas a 4 billion cleaver for tourism in Italy

ROME. A lockdown at Christmas would be a 4.1 billion nightmare for tourism only due to the lack of expenses of the more than 10 million Italians who went on holiday during the holidays last year. Suffice it to say that 1/3 of the spending of those on vacation is destined for food. This is what emerges from a Coldiretti / Ixè analysis, in reference to the alarm launched by the virologist of the University of Padua Andrea Crisanti.

A severe blow to the economic system already experienced by a summer which, Coldiretti points out, left a 23 billion hole in the tourist accounts due to the decline in Italian presences and the practically total absence of foreigners. In addition to the food sector, the highest prices are paid by the structures involved in accommodation, transport, entertainment, shopping and souvenirs. At stake is a Made in Italy tourism system that is made up of 612 thousand companies, concludes Coldiretti, and represents 10.1% of the national production system, surpassing the manufacturing sector, with 2.7 million workers, on 12 , 6% of national employment based on Unioncamere data.