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Carlo Antini
Carlo Antini

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Elettra Lamborghini and Giusy FerreriPhoto: Elettra Lamborghini and Giusy Ferreri

The catchphrases are all there. And Italian pop goes to the duet war. Chiara Ferragni, Elettra Lamborghini, Takagi and Ketra, Elodie, Alessandra Amoroso and Jovanotti. One against the other on the radio.

The first to take the field is the strange couple made up of heavyweights Jovanotti is Tiziano Ferro who try to make room with “Dance for me”. Mutual esteem and familiarity with the hits led them to choose a collaboration that appears, to be honest, a little weak. More convincing the team formed by Takagi, Ketra, Elodie, Mariah is Gipsy Kings. Their “Cyclops” was born to win and produce Alessandro Merli is Fabio Clemente rests firmly on the sinuous voice of Elodie. It is already going crazy everywhere. Like “Karaoke” by the award-winning company Alessandra Amoroso is Boomdabash. Last summer they dominated together with “Mambo Salentino” and are looking forward to giving an encore again this year.

Ferragni as Fedez. How he sings on Tik Tok

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But you know, pop is an industry in all respects. And the market has its laws. For this reason, the duets 2020 wink at social media with the union between Elettra Lamborghini is Giusy Ferreri: a spin on the notes of “La isla”. Maybe more could be done but when Elettra comes onto the field … The black belt of marketing goes, however, to Baby K is Chiara Ferragni. “It is not enough for me anymore” leaves nothing to chance: Baby K thinks about singing, Ferragni does everything else. The challenge for the TikTok choreographies has already started. The new catchphrase hunt as well.