Casaleggio freezes the Cinquestelle: “Respect the two mandates”

Cold shower on those Five stars who believed they had now passed and left behind the question of the limit of the two mandates, always considered by the same pentastellati to be the flagship of the internal regulation of the movement.

If it is true that the most pressing problem, at the moment, seems to be the obvious bleeding of consents following the government alliance formed with the Democratic Party and Renzi, that is, those who had always been indicated as political opponents with whom a compromise could never and never be reached, it is equally true that in perspective the problem of the “two terms” begins to create some concern. And the respect of this limitation imposed by the internal regulation has been remarked in the last hours directly by Davide Casaleggio.

According to his words, therefore, it seems confirmed that those who have been elected from the ranks of the CinqueStelle and have held institutional positions, both locally and nationally, cannot be enrolled again in the forthcoming electoral consultations for a possible third term. This means that some of the movement’s best-known exponents would be excluded from the nominations, which could mean further difficulty in confirming the consensus in the ballot box.

“We, from the side Rousseau, we manage all the processes “Casaleggio explained on the occasion of the presentation of the financial statements and data of the now famous platform.“The moment there are these rules we make sure that they are respected “, he added the moment he touched the sore button after receiving a question about it.“Or we make sure that the probivirs have the information they need. Obviously we see it from the outside”.

As already mentioned before, the question of the mandate is shaking the sleep of those involved in this limit imposed by the regulation. Starting from what is the leader of the Cinquestelle for the moment, namely Vito Crimi, up to the Foreign Minister Luigi di Maio and to the vice-president of the Senate Paola Taverna. The mayors of Turin and Rome are also added to the list, that is Chiara Appendino and Virginia Raggi, two cities that the CinqueStelle risk seriously losing in the next election consultations.“This is not the time to think about the candidates”, the first citizen of Rome had commented, only to carry out sensational interventions (not least the eviction of the CasaPound building) to put more solid foundations for his new candidature.

In the past, Di Maio himself was not particularly enthusiastic about this point of the regulation, when he spoke of the so-called “zero mandate”.“There will be a zero mandate for city councilors, or the first mandate will not be counted”, he had declared, to then add:“Anyway all the new rules will be voted by the members”.

Casaleggio seems to bring everyone back to order, however, the situation will have to be assessed only when the knots will come to a head.