Carra (Pd), ‘investing to fight territorial and social inequalities’ – Il Tempo


Rome, Aug. 31. (Adnkronos) – “I express great satisfaction with the majority resolution on the National Reform Plan approved yesterday by Parliament with the majority vote. It is an act that commits the government, among the first points, to favor social inclusion and territorial cohesion with particular attention to internal and mountain areas. A sign of important attention towards internal areas and small communities strongly desired by the Democratic Party. For us, investing in these areas of the country means tackling territorial and social inequalities, it means guaranteeing those who live in those areas to be able to enjoy indispensable services such as health, education, mobility, connection to the network. Conditions and opportunities must be reconstructed to encourage the development of work and business, to allow young people to stay or move “. This was stated by Marco Carra, Head of Internal Areas of the National Secretariat of the Democratic Party.