Campania, from Standard & Poor’s a positive rating

twelve o’clockMay 16, 2020 – 2:37 pm

The BBB- remains, but the judgment on the prospect goes towards recovery despite the impact of the pandemic. De Luca: “It is an important signal”. Calls for contributions to the House: the times

With the financial markets closed, the Standard & Poor agency confirmed the Campania Region rating in “BBB-” with an outlook – that is, the opinion on the prospect – “positive” yesterday evening. The confirmation comes at a delicate moment for the national and global economy “and assumes – reads a note from the Campania Region – even more important when compared with the” negative “outlook just expressed by the Agency for Italy”. Satisfied the governor De Luca. «We receive from S&P an important appreciation for the economic policy recently implemented by the Region which has ensured a strong and immediate response to counter the impact of the pandemic on the regional economic-social and productive fabric, above all through the introduction of almost one billion euro of liquidity in the territory to support families and small businesses, even before the interventions put in place by the national government. Campania has one more reason to present itself with its head held high “.

Pthesocial and economic anus, the chapter dedicated to housing financed with 45 million. In recent days, the deadline for submitting applications to obtain a contribution for rent support has expired. The first call registered 65,254 applications. Next Monday the provisional ranking will be published and will become definitive after 15 days “allowing the Municipalities, to which in the meantime the Region will transfer the funds, to liquidate the contribution to the beneficiaries”. The second call “aimed at intercepting the critical situations that emerged in the past few months, received 46,417 applications, from 475 municipalities in Campania. Based on the number of applications received, the Region has distributed the fund and, in the next few days, will transfer the assigned resources to the Municipalities. Having decided to proceed with the checks on the self-declarations submitted by citizens even later, the provision by the Municipalities can be, in this case, even faster. Finally, the preparation of measures relating to the Solidarity Fund for tenants of public residential housing, for the support for the rental of commercial premises of the ERP heritage and for contributions to first home loans, is currently underway. “

May 16, 2020 | 14:37