Bye bye anti-corruption. How they are destroying Anac – Time

 Raffaele Cantone
Francesco Storace

The keepers of the law. The defenders of revolutionary orthodoxy. There were five of them, the boss left and three remained. They have expired and have tried to take over the powers of Canton by inserting an amendment even in the Alitalia decree. It went wrong. Anti-corruption authority is ending badly, it evaporates. Dadone stopped. The announcement of the abolition of corruption has not yet taken place, but the tool that seemed the magic wand to erase thieves and public administrators are destroying it piece by piece. It will be the harmful effects of the partition – as usual – or the desire to remain glued to the armchairs, the inability to dialogue even with those who work for them, the fact is that the ANAC, the anti-corruption authority tailored for Raffaele Cantone is at the disarray. On the one hand, companies involved in judicial orders are no longer commissioned; on the other, the directors remain in prorogatio, expired, and those who do not resist leave; and, again, union conflicts are exacerbated. Another statue that collapses, but without the background of racial conflicts. Anac non matter, we could paraphrase.

Let’s go in order. For a year Raffaele Cantone has given up. The magistrate who was appointed by Matteo Renzi at the ANAC summit decided twelve months ago, in July 2019, the return to the robes, effective from October, and now he will have to deal with Luca Palamara in Perugia. A complicated life, let’s say. Once a Pope dies, another one does not apply to the ANAC. Because not only canton has not been replaced by a government that is torn on the choice of successor – if ever there will be a successor – but its powers cannot be delegated to the board of directors. So much so that on the Authority’s website the commissioning procedure for companies affected by precautionary measures of the judiciary is stopped in October. And for a structure that is called to hit corruption, it’s a pretty bad pick. But it’s not over. The remaining directors – who are four, even now three, and all expired in the past few days after six years in office – have attempted to entrust the powers of the canton to the oldest among them, Francesco Merloni. But it cannot be done, even if – the custodians of regulatory orthodoxy – have tried to do so by approving an internal regulation with the pretense of modifying the existing law. The lawyer has “advised” to “cover himself” with an ad hoc law and the attempt was even made with the Alitalia decree. In the Council of Ministers, the government has tried to insert the amnesty rule to entrust the powers of the actual and resigning president to an acting officer but had to surrender and the amendment became confetti for Carnival.

There was written: «In case of vacancy of the office of the President or in the case of absence or impediment of the same, the exercise of all the functions provided by law is attributed to the member of the Board with greater seniority in the office or, in lack, to the oldest component of age “. With a spectacular paragraph 6: «In the first application phase of paragraph 5, any acts adopted in place of the President prior to the entry into force of the conversion law of this decree, are ratified by the member to whom the exercise of the functions of the President “. If it had happened with the center-right in the government, there would have been talk of an ATM debit card against Anti-corruption … Facebook – also communicated to the Anac – his farewell accusing the policy of doing nothing to change rules that don’t work. President Conte and Minister Dadone, are you there?