Budget deviation, 5S ‘screwed’ by the clause: “They make us swallow Mes”

The tension continues to rise within the government majority: after the uproar that broke out following the appointment of the commissions in the Senate (twice the yellow and red alliance was beaten by the opposition), to put the parties in crisis that support the executive is also the increasingly heated debate on the Mes.

Today, in addition to the discontent on the commissions, chaos has been added following the approval of the new one budget variance. In a passage of the majority resolution signed by the Senate group leaders belonging to the Giallorossi alliance, the Conte government is in fact asked to“provide for the use, on the basis of the general interest of the country and the analysis of the actual needs, of the tools already made available by the European Union to face the ongoing health and socio-economic emergency”.

A point, this, which was immediately noticed by the president of Forza Italia in the Senate Anna Maria Bernini, which questions the 5Stelle, up to now opposed to the activation of the state-saving fund.“If the words still make sense, it means that the majority are asking the government to use the Mes funds immediately”, said the senator, prodding the pentastellati, as reported by “AdnKronos“.“It would be a political novelty of no small importance. But did the Five Stars read the text?”.

This was enough to trigger the reaction of the grillini.“They managed to rip us off in the Senate with this resolution, threading the Mes without ever mentioning it. Conte and Pd took their operation home and in this way the Mes will never have to be voted on in Parliament”panicked a member of parliament in a chat, talking about“great debacle of the Movement”.“We have lost on the presidencies of the Commission and now we are also swallowing the Mes. A top management totally bankruptcy, complained the grill.

As far as I’m concerned, there is no preventive opening to the Mes “instead, immediately wanted to clarify Senator Mattia Crucioli, who also opposed the extension of the state of emergency.“It will be necessary to verify, on a case-by-case basis, each of the instruments that Italy has the right to use. If there are conditions that are not crystal clear or not convenient, I will not approve these instruments, however they will be called”.

If on the part of the 5Stelle there is still confusion, the position of the Democratic Party remains clear, as confirmed by the political leader Nicola Zingaretti:“I respect those who still have doubts, but it is not the old Mes and as President of the Region I say that there is a need to invest in health. I hope that the discussion will come out of an ideological comparison and focus on the things to do in hurry. This is the discussion on the Mes, the political battle should not go in “, he told the microphones of Sky Tg24.