Britishvolt with Pinifarina, the first ‘giga-factory’ of batteries in GB – Il Tempo was born


Rome, 30 July (Adnkronos) – the battery manufacturer Britishvolt has announced the collaboration with the iconic design company Pininfarina for the creation of the first English ‘giga-factory’. This is the first large-scale ‘giga-factory’ of batteries in the UK at the former Raf base in Bro Tathan, Wales.

“We are honored to collaborate with Pininfarina, a design house known all over the world, to create our ‘giga-factory’. We at Britishvolt believe that innovative design must have priority, so that it can agree with the future quality of our cells at Thanks to Pininfarina, which brings the strength of its elegance and the heritage of automotive design to architecture, we believe we can achieve this goal, “comments Orral Nadjari, CEO and founder of Britishvolt.

Even Silvio Pietro Angori, CEO of Pininfarina speaks of pride for his collaboration “with Britishvolt on such an ambitious project, thus contributing to the creation of the largest battery production plant in the United Kingdom and continuing the evolution of electric mobility. always focused on the combination of timeless design and social and environmental sustainability, both in automotive design and architecture “. “Sustainable design no longer represents an option that must be considered sooner or later: it is an inescapable commitment to create social and economic value for future generations”, points out Angori.