“Bridge over the Strait of Messina? I am thinking of an underwater tunnel”

An underwater tunnel in place of the bridge over the Strait of Messina. A “engineering masterpiece“, he has declared Giuseppe Conte, on the model of what was done in Genoa with the Morandi bridge, which is eco-sustainable and equipped with a light structure.

Guest of “La Piazza”, an event organized by the newspaper Affaritaliani.it in Ceglie Messapica, in the province of Brindisi, the premier touched on several issues: from infrastructure to the budget on the Covid pandemic in Italy, from the vaccine to its future in politics.

The bridge over the Strait

As for the bridge over the Strait, speaking of infrastructures, Conte said he was thinking of a underwater tunnel. However, the prime minister added that this is not the right time to launch such a project, because at the moment “there are no conditions“and the government must first worry about”internal connections“, including high speed in the South.

I cannot say we will bridge the Strait, there are no conditions“, clarified Conte.”We must first realize thehigh speed network throughout Calabria and then in Sicily. But we must ask ourselves the problem of this connection. There are engineering miracles, we made a beautiful one in Genoa“, he commented.

Pandemic, errors and minutes

The chapter on Covid is dense. As for the personal budget, Conte avoided answering the question by clarifying that he wanted to first “wait to get out of the pandemic and then draw conclusions“. In any case, citing the opinion of various foreign newspapers, the premier spoke of”positive balance“.”The Italian model is analyzed and proposed, and it is a source of great pride“, he declared all satisfied.

No particular mea culpa on mistakes carried out during the most critical phases of the epidemic: “It has been difficult weeks and months, evaluating all the implications, but I must tell the truth that we have always worked with method, responsibility and conscience and it has been our strength.“. When asked what he would not do again, Conte replied that he had made some decisions.”based on the evaluations of the experts“.

Finally, i verbal of the Cts. The government has decided to declassify them. “Such a delicate decision-making process was underway that I claim that those minutes remained confidential. But that doesn’t mean they were classified, I never placed a state secret. I am the first who will allow the publication of everything, we have nothing to hide“, Conte reiterated.

Red zones and delays

Regarding the controversy over alleged delays relating to the red areas to Alzano is Nembro, Conte gave his version of events: “To us on March 5 it already seemed that the contagion curve was slipping out of hand. At night I Speranza get together and prepare everything for the red belt on Alzano and Nembro“.

The next day Conte said he had talked to the experts and proposed “a more radical solution“compared to the isolation of the municipalities mentioned. Two days later the same experts agree with this proposal“and deliver a report that”opt for this choice“.”On the night of the 7th I issue a Dpcm for a red zone throughout Lombardy, and I don’t think I have wasted any time“, said the premier.

Vaccine not mandatory

The only solution to get out of the health emergency once and for all is represented by the discovery of a Covid vaccine. When it will arrive? If the “optimistic projections“, Conte said, there will be the possibility of having a vaccine within months, with the hope that this will happen within the year.

Once the antidote is ready, it will be necessary to understand whether to make it mandatory or not. Conte has shown that he already has clear ideas. “I don’t think it should be obligatory but it must be made available“, he has declared.

Politics and migrants

The future di Conte is still shrouded in mystery. The prime minister limited himself to reiterating that his current horizon is that of the end of the legislature. “This is my only horizon“, declared the premier, then saying that he is not”interested in making a party“. Last but not least, Conte faced the theme of migrants, declaring that they cannot tolerate their arrival “migrants positive at Covid“.