Break on the Save States. No M5s, Conte aligns: “The Recovery fund is needed”

The M5s rejects the Mes light approved by the Eurogroup. Opening the clash with the allies of the Democratic Party in the Giallorossi majority. And denying Luigi Di Maio. In the afternoon, the Foreign Minister opens a window on the negotiation: «Il Mes? We have to read the regulations. If there is a powerful Recovery Fund, there will be no need for any other tool ».

In the evening, the Movement reverses: «The measures outlined so far at European level are still insufficient with respect to the real needs linked to this emergency. For this reason it is necessary to make an extraordinary effort compared to the Recovery Fund, the only tool capable of seriously tackling this emergency “, reports the M5s note.

For the five stars, unlike the Democratic Party, there is nothing to celebrate after the agreement in the European headquarters on aid to be put in place for the states affected by the coronavirus emergency: «We cannot exult for the results of today’s Eurogroup sul Mes: although slightly improved, it remains an inadequate tool to respond to the emergency we are going through, both for the amount of resources it can put in place, and because it continues to be insidious in potential future conditionalities, on which they have not yet been dispelled all doubts. Announcing that Italy will use the Mes is a forward flight that we do not share », concludes the note.

A position that follows the one taken by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: «The three Sure, Bei, Mes measures are insufficient, amounting to a fraction of what other large economies, such as the US, are spending to support their businesses and their families . The effective loan of the Recovery Fund on the markets (distinct from the total resources that it mobilizes) must be of considerable size, at least 1 trillion Euros, to bring the total budget of the European response in line with the overall financial needs of the EU ».

Conte is now called to a difficult mediation. The declarations of Pd and Iv go in the opposite direction. Indeed, Renziani and Dem take membership for the State-saving fund for granted. «Today another step forward, it will be possible to use the MES without conditionality for investments in healthcare. A great opportunity for Italy: € 37 billion for hospitals, hiring nurses, staff, investments for new drugs and treatments. Let’s build a great plan with the Regions for the Italian rebirth and to improve people’s lives »- comments the secretary Nicola Zingaretti.

On the same line, the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri: “The Mes will be able to offer financing for 2% of GDP at an almost zero rate for direct and indirect healthcare and prevention costs linked to Covid”.

Italia Viva threatens: «I will denounce the government for tax damage if it does not use MES funds. Giving up for the foolish ideology of health resources is insane: at least the consistency of stopping thanking our doctors if you don’t want to support them concretely », attacks Davide Faraone. The game ended in Europe. The one in Italy opens which is also played on another field. Negotiations are underway between the Movement and the other majority forces to reach a compromise: ok to use the Mes in exchange for stopping the war against the Minister of Justice Alfonso Bonafede. Giuseppe Conte is the guarantor of the exchange.