Borsa su with Unicredit and Mediobanca – La Stampa

The economic project of the European Commission does not excite the Milan Stock Exchange, which during the day with the Ftse Mib index touches + 2% but in the end is satisfied with a modest + 0.28% (at 17,910 points) after going through a bit downright negative; the All Share concludes the trades with + 0.29% at 19,603 points. The euro / dollar exchange rate is fixed at 1.0991 (+ 0.14%).

Bank shares in Piazza Affari are in evidence: Unicredit + 4.68%, Mediobanca + 4.04% and Intesa Sanpaolo + 2.48%; in the rest of the financial sector, Nexi fell (-7.84%) after the sale of a 8.8% share of the capital by the majority shareholder funds.

Some of the main stocks in the industrial sector shine: Cnh Industrial + 3.76%, Pirelli + 3.30% and FCA + 2.80% after the go-ahead of Intesa Sanpaolo for the 6.3 billion euro loan guaranteed by the State. But still in the industry, StMicroelectronics (-5.32%), Prysmian (-2.99%) and Leonardo (-2.49%) fall heavily. Among the actions linked in various ways to health, Diasorin collapsed (-12.18%), which in a few sessions went from 210 to 173 euros, and Amplifon (-3.71%) and Recordati (-2.39%) also fell. Atlantia did well (+ 3.68%), fashion contrasted, with sales on Moncler (-1.32%) while Salvatore Ferragamo rose (+ 1.18%). In the energy sector, the two big Enel (+ 1.07%) and Eni (+ 2.13%) are growing.