Borsa su with Leonardo and Cnh Industrial – La Stampa

The European stock exchanges were not impressed by the US-China tension, which spread from trade to Hong Kong, while they were positively influenced by the higher than expected German entrepreneurs’ confidence index and by a trillion dollar stimulus announced by Japan; in a day with reduced exchanges, due to the absence of trading in London and New York (where the markets remained closed for Bank Holiday and Memorial Day respectively), the Frankfurt financial market increased by 2.80%, the Paris stock exchange gains 2.15% and Madrid stock exchange 2.40%. A little less brilliant Milan with the Ftse Mib index which marks + 1.61% at 17,595 points and the All Share + 1,69% at 19,259. The euro-dollar exchange rate is fixed at 1.0910 (+ 0.05%).

The main list is guided by the actions of the real economy: Leonardo (+ 5.94%), Cnh Industrial (+ 5.50%), Amplifon (+ 4.87%), A2A (+ 3.66%) and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (+ 3.49%) pending the 6.3 billion loan (on which Intesa Sanpaolo will resolve today, + 0.90%); the parent company Exor also benefited (+ 3.16%). Only three were closing in the negative stocks on the main list, and a little: Generali -0.37%, Recordati -0.14% and Finecobank -0.05%; after hitting a negative peak of -5% during trading, it regains the plus sign Atlantia (which moves forward by 1.33%), which controls Autostrade, in view of the imminent reopening of traffic between the regions, from which it still benefits from plus Autogrill (+ 12.24%) outside the main list.