Bonus of 600 euros, the professionals who received it in March are excluded

It is now open clash between government and professional world: after the exclusion from grants, the second cold shower arrived: no bonuses in April or May for those who asked for it and obtained it in March. And to say that the minister of the economy Gualtieri had promised to equate the bonus of professionals (600 euros) to that of self-employed workers (1000 euros) but with the exclusion clause everything falls.

The bonus

To remain cut off are approx 500 thousand professionals, “On the one hand the government has refinanced state compensation for the months of April and May – says the president of the private pension funds Alberto Oliveti – on the other a codicil, which we hope is the result of a material error, has established that those who took the 600 euros in March, will not be able to get them in the coming months. We trust that this is a material error and in this regard we asked the ministries for clarification and a possible correction. ” Everything originates from a sort of short circuit between two provisions of the relaunch law decree, where a first article (number 78) refinances the March measure by granting the 600 euro bonus also for April and May while another article (number 86 ) makes the compensation already paid incompatible with that of the following months.

Labor taxes

But the reason for confrontation, perhaps stronger, is that ofexclusion of professionals from non-refundable contributions granted to entrepreneurs, artisans and traders. On the issue, Minister Gualtieri’s reply was not long in stating that “professionals are people and benefit from the allowances of € 600, therefore they are not entitled to non-refundable contributions from companies”. Words that are not liked by the professional world. “Gualtieri’s declarations denote a worrying and dangerous approximation on an economic sector – declares the president of Confprofessioni, Gaetano Stella – that of professional studies, which employs 900 thousand workers including employees and collaborators and moves a turnover of about 210 billion euros per year. A sector that invests and produces wealth for the country. But also a sector hit hard by the economic crisis, triggered by the pandemic. What are the differences between an entrepreneur, a craftsman or a trader who has suffered a decrease in turnover as a result of the Covid-19 and a dentist, a lawyer, an architect or an accountant who for the same reason suffered the same damage? Two weights, two measures. We are faced with a nineteenth-century vision of the economy that still frames professional work with the lens of corporations. Evidently, the notion of business, as formulated in the recommendations of the European Commission, eludes Minister Gualtieri “.


This does not end the matter. Massimo Miani, president of accountants and Marina Calderone, president of labor consultants, assure him in a joint note: “We will fight in every way – they let us know – so that we can remedy this unacceptable discrimination perpetrated against a leading sector of the Italian economy. Hundreds of thousands of workers, without any logical explanation, are excluded from an important provision in a phase in which, like all realities in the world of work, they are suffering heavily from the effects of the crisis. In these months of Coronavirus emergency, the activities of our two professions have been deemed “essential” by the Government. The rule on access to non-repayable loans must be modified during the parliamentary conversion of the Dl Relaunch “.