Bonus babysitting to relatives, the state pays grandparents to make grandparents – La Stampa

ROME. The babysitting bonus, of a maximum of 1,200 euros, introduced by the Relaunch Decree may also be sent to family members as long as they do not live together. The INPS clarified this in circular 73/2020. Green light therefore to the use of the voucher for the grandparents while there is no compensation for the subjects holding parental responsibility, even if not living together.

In order to submit the application, the applicant must authenticate to the INPS services. Therefore, it must be in possession of the ordinary Pin or device, the Spid, the electronic Identity Card or the National Service Card. The voucher is an alternative to parental leave. The sum will be credited directly by crediting the bank or postal current account, crediting a postal passbook, prepaid card with Iban or bank transfer domiciled at the Italian Post Office, according to the choice indicated at the time of the application.

Those who have obtained leave for a period not exceeding 15 days will be able to benefit from the residual amount equal to 600 / 1,000 euros (always depending on the category of belonging), without prejudice to the possibility of applying for the remaining days of leave not previously enjoyed. Finally, in compliance with the principle of “alternativity”, in the case of Covid leave authorized for more than 15 days, the benefit is not eligible.

Bonus to the health personnel and block evictions
A bonus of up to € 2,000 gross is coming for doctors, nurses and all healthcare workers employed in intensive care, commensurate with the service actually provided during the Covid state of emergency. This is foreseen by a bipartisan amendment to the revitalization decree, reformulated by the speakers and approved by the Budget Committee of the Chamber.

The Commission itself has granted a further extension, from September 1 to December 31, 2020, of the blockade of evictions. Thus approved an amendment by the Leu and Pd which extends until the end of the year the suspension until September 1 included in the Cura Italia decree.